how do I stop my dog barking in the car

How Do I Stop My Dog From Barking in the Car?

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how do i stop my dog from barking in the carFor some dogs, everything they can see from a car window can be exciting or very scary and needs to be barked at, while others can be very territorial about their owners’ cars.
Barking while travelling can actually be self-reinforcing for the dog: they see something that triggers the behaviour, they bark, then within a few seconds (because you have driven past the trigger) the cause of the barking disappears. In your dog’s head, the barking worked – it got rid of the thing or person that caused the barking, so the behaviour is reinforced, and is likely to recur. We need to change that belief by stopping the barking as soon as a dog starts to practice the behaviour. The longer a behaviour is practiced the more likely it is to become a habit, so stopping the behaviour is extremely important, because habits are very difficult to break.

Aggressive behaviour, while the car is stationary, would be very concerning, a danger to the public and leave you in breach of the Dangerous Dogs Act.  We would strongly recommend seeking the help of a behaviourist if your dog behaves in this manner.

The following strategies may help to stop your dog barking in the car:

Use a Crate

Firstly, if you don’t use a crash tested dog crate in your vehicle, please get one in order to protect your dog, yourself and your family in the event of an accident. Read more about the importance of using a crate here.  Crate training is an important strategy, even if your dog doesn’t use a crate in any other situation. If your dog is trained to settle in a crate indoors, they’re much more likely to settle in a crate in the car.

Cover the crate with a sheet or blanket

Covering the crate takes away most of the scary, exciting, or otherwise, triggers so that your dog is unable to see them. This will enable him to relax and settle much more easily. It has the added advantage of keeping the sun off the dog while travelling which can also help them to enjoy travelling and lower everyone’s stress levels.

Train Them to Settle with Treats

This should only be done when you’re stationary, or when you have a passenger to dispense the treats. Watch your dog closely so that you can try to anticipate what’s triggering the barking (passers-by getting too close, bicycles, other dogs?). This will help you quickly distract your dog with a small treat before they start barking. Over time, this will persuade them that the appearance of the trigger means that they will get a treat, both distracting them from the barking and creating a positive association with the subject. Over time, often a very short time, the dog learns that barking just isn’t needed.
Lots of tasty treats may be required for this type of training, so use treats that are very small but delicious. Chopped-up cheese or sausage works very well, cut into small pea-sized cubes.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Chew toys and long-lasting dog chews are great for keeping your dog occupied, whether they’re travelling or waiting in the car. Puzzle-style dog treat toys, which require your dog to put some thought and effort into reaching the tasty treats trapped inside, are particularly good for car journeys, as they hold your dog’s attention. Chewing and licking also bring the dog’s arousal levels down, further reducing the likelihood of the dog to reacting to anything outside the vehicle.

What If These Strategies Don’t Work?

If none of these strategies work, then seek advice from a dog behaviourist. They will be able to establish the cause of your dog’s barking and create an intervention plan that you can work on with your dog.

MIMsafe innovation

The MIMSafe Story: 35 Years of Safety Innovation

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MIMsafe innovation

MIM Construction AB was founded to innovate, improve and excel in the safety sector.
For over 35 years under the MIMsafe brand, we’ve focused on pet safety—but always with human safety in mind too, which means the MIMsafe name is one you can trust.
We’ve designed, built and comprehensively tested the following series of safety products that have made our company stand out as a pioneer in this field.

Our Crash-Tested Car Crates, Keeping Dogs and Passengers Safer

MIMsafe has always worked closely with the automotive industry when designing our pet safety products for cars. Our range of dog crates has been developed in close collaboration with the major car manufacturers to ensure they perform reliably in the real cars that dog owners drive.
What’s more, we’re the only company that crash tests its crates in situ not just once, but hundreds of times, checking that the crate works correctly in conjunction with the vehicle crumple zone. While many manufacturers may claim their crates are crash-tested, this is usually limited testing and often restricted to the most common type of crash: a head-on collision. However, this kind of collision causes the least disturbance to a crate due to car safety measures, and different types of collision carry different risks.
During a rear-end collision, a crate may splinter, break the back window, pierce through the back seat and cause spinal injuries to a passenger, or impact a passenger’s head. In a rollover situation, a dog cage can be broken or come loose, breaking windows and injuring passengers. These crashes can all seriously injure your pet too or allow them to escape into traffic, where they may be fatally injured or cause further collisions.
This is why all our crates are tested with the crates in situ in the vehicle, in a range of collision scenarios—not just head-on crashes. The results help us refine our designs to ensure not just your pet’s safety, but that of you and your passengers too.

Our Vehicle-Specific Dog Guards, Keeping Passengers Safer

Some automotive manufacturers offer dog guards designed specifically for certain models that they manufacture. Naturally, these manufacturers want their dog guards to meet the same high safety and design standards as their vehicles. We’re proud that top automotive brands like VW, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes have all chosen MIMsafe to design and produce the vehicle-specific dog guards used in their vehicles. It demonstrates their trust in our process and our products.

Our NewEra Clip, Keeping Horses and Riders Safer

The MIMsafe NewEra Clip may seem a bit of a departure. It’s not used in a car, or for transporting cats or dogs. In fact, this innovative horse and rider safety product came about due to the wife of our founder, Mats Björnetun. In response to her cross-country eventing interests, Mats started organising cross-country events on their property and then further afield. However, he soon realised more could and should be done to make the sport safer. With input from major eventing stars such as Mark Phillips and Hugh Thomas, and a crash expert from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology, the MIMsafe Clip was invented.
These pioneering fixings protect both horses and riders from the dangers of rotational falls. They’re designed to instantly break if the horse hits the fence, dropping the fence instantaneously. The red MIMclip can be attached to fences such as oxers and gates, and there is now a yellow MIMclip for fences designed to be jumped at an angle, such as corners, and for tables.
An indicator shows when they require replacing, and this can be done in just 30 seconds.  The MIMclip not only contributes to the overall safety of the sport for both horses and riders but also guarantees fair and correct judging.
The MIMsafe NewEra Clip was the first cross-country jump safety fixing to pass the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)’s new approvals scheme for frangible devices in Eventing. It was used at many equestrian events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and on 1st January 2021, it became mandatory on all compatible fences at FEI events.

Our Latest Innovation: the MIMsafe Roof Box

Once you have one of our dog crates in the boot of your car, where do you put the luggage that no longer fits? Our latest innovative product, the MIMsafe roof box, was designed to solve this problem.
After rigorous wind-tunnel testing, the unique design of our double-walled roof box is slick and aerodynamic. Yet it offers 10 cubic feet of storage space and can take loads up to 75 kg. It’s also crash-tested to a new, high standard. In testing at 50 km/h, at a crash pulse in accordance with the ECE R17 standard, it could withstand a force of up to 26g.
Our roof box also offers highly practical features such as:

  • an internal, motion-activated light
  • internal crash-tested load loops to secure luggage
  • washable, durable hard-wearing mat that provides grip for the luggage
  • a lock for security
  • quick grip fastening for easy install on the roof rack
  • TEAS locking system to hold the roof box firmly in place
  • accessibility from both sides

We’re excited to venture into this area of automotive accessories and bring our stringent safety and practicality standards to a new product type.

Looking Forward

We’ve moved in to new, larger factory premises in Trollhättan, Sweden, due to increased demand, and we have many new products in development, so the future looks bright. At MIMsafe, we will continue to strive for excellence and innovation, always putting safety—for animals and their owners—first and foremost in our designs.

dog crate for hatchbacks

The VarioCage Compact Dog Crate for Hatchbacks

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dog crate for hatchbacks


If you’re a hatchback owner, then you’ll know that finding a crash tested and safe dog crate for hatchbacks is not easy. We offer one of the few solutions, the MIMSafe VarioCage Compact, a fully crash tested, lockable dog crate built specifically for hatchback cars.

For more than twenty years, we have worked alongside vehicle manufacturers to design safety mechanisms and we have documentation from hundreds of crash tests and real-life road traffic collisions. Our dog crates are built to work alongside the safety features of vehicles to ensure that both pets and passengers are kept safe. The safest place to locate dogs during transport will always be the boot of the car. This is because the back seat of the vehicle is built to withstand the weight of any products the car may be transporting, protecting passengers from the force of these items during an impact. However, finding a dog crate for hatchbacks is not easy because of the restricted boot space.

Our MIMSafe VarioCage Compact dog crates are built primarily to suit hatchback cars. They are designed to house one small dog up to 38cm at the withers and are fitted with a 23cm elevated door to match the sill on the hatchback’s boot. The length of the cage can be reduced or extended to fit depth of the boot, leaving room for luggage alongside the crate.

All of our crates have been fully crash tested to the same standards as baby car seats. In the event of an impact, the VarioCage Compact will safely compress in a controlled manner in tandem with the vehicle crumple zone. This protects both passengers and dogs from an increased risk of injury.

Each crate is fitted with a built in locking system, gas spring doors and an emergency exit in case the primary exit is blocked.

To check if the MIMsafe Compact will fit in your vehicle, visit the model selector on our website.

If your dog goes missing while travelling…

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When we take our dogs out for the day or on holiday, we never quite know if they are going to get lost in an unfamiliar area, for instance, if they chase a rabbit and can’t find their way back to us.  Or if we are enjoying a family day out on the beach, it is very easy for dogs to slip away if they see someone playing with a ball or enjoying a barbeque.  Knowing what to do and acting IMMEDIATELY can make all the difference when your dog goes missing.  The following advice will tell you exactly what to do and what not to do.

The first thing to remember is that once your dog has been lost, he will be scared, anxious and extremely stressed. He may not run over to you as soon as he sees you and he may even run away if you run over to him. Instead, if you see him, don’t try to call, chase him, grab him or try to catch him. Instead, stay calm and quiet, sit or lay down, throw treats and wait for him to approach you. It can often take a long time but stick it out – he should approach eventually.

Your dog will usually try to return to where he last saw you or where the car is parked. Try and keep a family member that the dog knows well at both places. Quietly wait nearby, leave the car boot or back door open. Try to stop people from joining the search, walking about calling and shouting, making a lot of noise and leaving confusing scents. This will make things worse: it will scare him and he may go into hiding.

Report him missing as soon as possible, to the following organisations:

  • Doglost:
  • Call his microchip company to check your contact details are correct and to report him missing.
  • Call the local vets and dog warden. You can look up the local council’s details here:
  • Local social media groups, such as village news pages – include a photo of the dog, the location in which he went missing from, 2 telephone numbers and ask people to call you straight away if they see him, and not to try and catch or chase your dog.

If you have sightings, take details of location, time, direction and behaviour. If the sighting was recent, a family member should go, leave food and walk around quietly. Again, don’t let lots of people go – just keep it to one of two people that the dog is familiar with. If the sighting was older or the dog was seen running away, put up posters in the area in case the dog returns.

Use posters! Get posters made up as quickly as possible, possibly by family or friends back at home and email them to you. Use a photocopying service to print them and get them out around the area in which he went missing. The poster must include:

  • Clear photos
  • Location missing from
  • 2 telephone numbers
  • A message asking people not to chase or try to catch the dog

Posters help to bring dogs home! For further information, please go to the Doglost website.

Care2 ambassadors

The Care2 Dog Carrier For Cars

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dog carrier for cars

For many of us, our dogs are everything, and often come with us wherever we travel. We want to ensure that they stay safe as well as feeling secure and comfortable, so that, if the worst happens, and we are involved in an accident, our dogs are protected from injury or from escaping from the vehicle and running off into traffic.

Dog carriers for cars, particularly those that are crash tested, are a practical and indispensable solution for transporting dogs safely and comfortably, helping to make car travel enjoyable for both pets and their owners.

Dog carriers are usually built for very small dogs so that they can be carried in the carrier. Our dog carriers come in two different sizes and are suitable for very small breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers, papillons and chihuahuas. They are also ideal for cats, rabbits and other small animals.

dog carrier for cars

Ensuring Safety and Security

MIMsafe Care2 pet carriers are the only dog carriers in the World that are tested to the same standards as baby seats. They are crush proof, are guaranteed for life, and are built with an aluminium frame and fully recyclable, non-toxic materials with reinforced, armoured doors that won’t open in the event of an accident. The carriers feature doors that lock at both end of the carrier and an inbuilt thermometer to monitor your pet’s temperature while travelling. Furthermore, the Care 2 dog carrier fits into any vehicle, with attachments that allow the carrier to be fitted securely in your vehicle using seat belts, just like a baby seat. In case of an accident or sudden braking, the carrier acts as a protective cocoon, reducing the chances of injury to the dog. With a Care2 carrier, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing their beloved companions are safe and secure throughout the journey.

Comfort and Stress Reduction

Ensuring that your dog is comfortable and relaxed is easy using a Care2 crate. Dogs love the enclosed feel, yet it is easy to see through the crate to ensure that your dog is safe. MIMsafe sell a range of mats and bedding and breathable materials to ensure a cosy and stress-free environment for dogs. The carriers offer ample space for small dogs and other pets to sit, lie down, and turn around comfortably. By creating a familiar and secure space, the carriers help alleviate anxiety and stress that dogs may experience during car travel. Care2 carriers have multiple windows that allow dogs to observe their surroundings, reducing boredom and providing mental stimulation throughout the journey. With a comfortable and stress-free environment, dogs are more likely to relax and enjoy the ride.

Home from home

If you travel regularly, then you will know how important it is that your dog is able to feel at home and relax in a range of different environments. Our Care2 crates can be used in all sorts of environments, from public transport, to use as a kennel in a hotel room, somewhere where very small dogs can retire to, and feel at home.
Our Care2 dog carriers are designed with convenience and versatility in mind featuring a handle for easy transportation outside the car, making visits to the veterinarian or other destinations hassle-free. With their versatility, dog carriers for cars offer a practical solution for both short trips and long journeys, ensuring that dogs are comfortable and secure wherever the road takes them.

dog carriers for carsConclusion

Dog carriers for cars provide an indispensable solution for pet owners who wish to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of their canine companions during car travel. With their focus on safety, secure construction, comfort, and convenience, our Care2 pet carriers offer a reliable way to transport dogs while minimizing stress and distractions. Investing in a high-quality dog carrier not only enhances the travel experience for dogs but also provides peace of mind for their owners. So, whether it’s a visit to the park, a road trip, or a visit to the veterinarian, a dog carrier for cars is the perfect companion for safe and comfortable journeys with our beloved pets.

crash testing dog crates

What Does “Crash Tested” actually mean?

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crash testing dog cratesMost people searching for a dog crate will be aware that many organisations claim that their crates are crash tested. However, shockingly, our industry is completely unregulated and any organisation can claim that their dog transport products have been crash tested without being required to demonstrate any adequate proof that this is the case. Some organisations may crash test their products very minimally, only measuring impact from one direction. Most only carry out computer-simulated crash testing, meaning that their dog transportation products are never tested in a real-life crash situation until it happens to the customer and their dog with devastating results. Even worse, any company can claim that their products are crash tested when they may have failed the crash tests.

In 1986 in Sweden, a country well-known for the high value it places on health and safety, MIMsafe set out to create a dog crate that would withstand the impact of a collision, keeping humans and dogs safe. The founding engineers had backgrounds in working with some of the best-known car brands on vehicle safety features. They became aware of the number of road traffic accidents that resulted in severe injuries to rear seat passengers caused by solid, inflexible items in vehicle boots behind the back seats, many caused by dog crates. They set out to create a dog crate that worked alongside a vehicle’s deformation zone rather than against it, protecting passengers as well as their pets.

The VarioCage is a unique, innovatively engineered product that meets this criteria. Extensive research, working alongside car manufacturers, looking at crash records, and observing how vehicles behave in an accident, has gone into the design of these crates. And our crash testing process is far superior to any other dog crate manufacturer on the planet. We measure impact from front, rear, sides, and during a rollover, with the crate actually in situ in the vehicle to ensure that not only the dogs but the humans in the car are kept safe as well.

Here is one of our crash test videos showing rear impact:

Even though this process is costly, and the materials we use to ensure that we meet our safety criteria can be costly, it’s an investment we’ve made to ensure that we are able to honestly say that our products are as safe as we can make them. It means that our crates are on the more expensive end of the scale but are certainly competitive compared to other products that claim to be crash tested.

In a nutshell, all of this means that MIMsafe VarioCages are the safest crates WORLDWIDE and are the established leading brand in many countries. Although relatively new to the UK, they are rapidly gaining in popularity, with more and more people wanting the level of protection and peace of mind that a MIMsafe VarioCage gives them.

Please visit the VarioCage section of our website for more information.

Be a gundog ambassador

Win A MIMsafe Dog Crate or a Dozen Bottles of Champagne At The Game Fair!

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Be a gundog ambassadorIt’s our first year exhibiting at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall this year and we’re celebrating by offering one lucky winner a FREE dog crate or tailgate guard.  AND, if you’re not lucky enough to be our winner, we have a reserve prize of 12 bottles of champagne!!

In order to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is enter the draw on our stand at The Game Fair on 29th to 31st July.

We’ll be taking our full range of models of the crates, dog guards and tailgate guards that we have available, along with accompanying accessories, such as durable water bowls, high quality mats that fit each crate and out very MIMsafe popular bumper covers. Our team will be there to explain why our crates are the safest you can buy, as well as help answer any questions that you may have.  And if your dog is there, he or she can test the crate as well!

We offer a wide range of crash tested, lockalbe dog transport options, from double crates for really large dogs, to carry crate for really small dogs and cats.  We have crates built for hatchbacks, stackable crates that lock together that are ideal for vans and our variocages and tailgate guards are fully adjustable so that they can be moved from one vehicle to another.  Please call in and visit us while you’re at the show to see the full range of crates and enter our draw.

We’ll be annoucing the lucky winner after the show.  Looking forward to seeing you there!



MIMsafe crate protects dogs in accident

MIMsafe VarioCage saves dogs’ lives after horrific road traffic accident

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MIMsafe crate protects dogs in accidentLate one night in early 2021, Laura Oldbury-Churchwood and her two miniature long haired dachshunds, Murph and Morticia, were involved in a terrifying road traffic accident that left their car completely destroyed. Thankfully, Laura survived the accident, and Murph and Morticia, who were both travelling in a MIMsafe Variocage dog crate, were uninjured, although understandably a little shocked.

Laura’s car was hit as she travelled through a crossroads by a vehicle that did not seem to even attempt to stop, smashing straight into the rear corner of Laura’s car, causing it to spin then roll 3 times before coming to rest in a hedge. The front of the car was crushed, the back was badly smashed, with the boot door so badly mangled it would not open and the back windscreen was completely shattered. Despite the severity of the collision, Murph and Morticia were shocked but completely uninjured. If they had been restrained in a different crate, they would almost certainly not have survived.

Laura described the accident to us:
“a car failed to stop at a crossroads, they hit the right rear corner of my car as I was travelling through the crossroads. I was travelling at around 50-55mph and it appears that the other driver made no attempt to stop at the crossroads (they missed the give way signs for whatever reason). My car spun around and then rolled 3 times before coming to land in a hedge/ditch. All of my airbags deployed and as you can see from the photos the rear windscreen was totally smashed (no glass left in the frame). My car had come to rest on a small tree trunk- this dented the boot close to the dog’s crate. “

We know from our own crash testing, and research on road traffic accidents, that in collisions such as this, even in the unlikely event that dogs do survive such an impact, the shattering of the glass in the back window, which almost always occurs, is an additional hazard. Dogs involved in such accidents may get loose, and often run into traffic in terror, where they can be killed, lost or cause a further accident.

Laura went on to say:
“The dogs were shocked but otherwise not injured after the accident. I had to retrieve them through the escape hatch as the boot was not accessible. I hadn’t got out of the car at this point to see where I was.” 

“Without doubt the MIMsafe crate saved my dogs’ lives. They would not be here today if it wasn’t for the crate! I try not to think about what could have happened if they were not in the crate. Everyone at the scene commented that we were all incredibly lucky to walk away from the crash without injury.”

Murph and Morticia were travelling in their MIMsafe Variocage MiniMax XL, one of our smallest VarioCage models, suitable for one or two small dogs. We were very happy to replace Laura’s crate free of charge, as we offer to do with any crates that are involved in severe road traffic accidents. Our priority is always the safety of our customers and their pets, and it’s best to replace any crate that has been involved in a damaging collision.

Murph & MorticiaWe’re the ONLY dog crate designer and manufacturer that carry out comprehensive crash testing, in which we test our crates in situ in the vehicles. This ensures that not only are the crates safe in standalone testing, but also that they work in tandem with the car’s safety features and crumple zone to keep dogs and humans as safe as possible. We also research real life road traffic accidents and keep extensive records of data to ensure that we are designing crates that will withstand many different eventualities.

Following the accident, very thankful and relieved to still have her dogs, Laura has been advising friends and family to purchase MIMsafe crates to keep their dogs and the whole family safe.

She told us:
“After the crash I told anyone and everyone about the crate. I’ve suggested to any friends that have dogs that they are worth more than their purchase price!”

Please visit our stand at Crufts, where we will have the crate that saved Laura’s dogs’ lives and kept her safe. Our stand staff will be very happy to talk you through the different safety features of the crate that protected Murph and Morticia, as well as countless other dogs in all corners of the globe. We’re situated in Hall 3, Stand 27, behind the Kennel Club stand, right near Discover Dogs.

Winter driving

Winter Driving – Stay Safe!

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Winter drivingYou’ll be pleased to know, coming into Winter, that there are statistically fewer accidents in Winter than in the summer months. It’s also great to know that the UK has some of the safest roads in Europe, with 27.1 deaths per million.  Only Sweden, the home of MIMsafe, has fewer deaths at 21.6 per million. (Department for Transport statistics: International comparisons of road deaths1: number and rates: by selected countries: 2009-2019)

Unfortunately, although there are fewer accidents in Winter, this is because there are fewer people traveling on the roads in the colder months.  In fact, in Winter we are 20% more likely to have a road traffic accident than in the Summer months.  (Insure The Box, 2017).

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Road conditions: due to wetter weather and lower temperatures, roads may be icy, wet, or covered in mud from agricultural machinery, making driving conditions dangerous.
  • Weather conditions: fog, heavy rain or blizzards can seriously disrupt visibility.
  • Lower sun angle: the lower angle of the sun can also impact driving visibility, particularly when roads are wet and shiny.
  • Illness: we are statistically more likely to suffer from colds, flu covid, and other illnesses over the winter. Illness can make us more tired than usual and less able to concentrate, and cold and flu remedies can make us drowsy.
  • Windscreen misted up or frozen: you need to go somewhere in a hurry, but the car is taking forever to demist or defrost. Don’t be tempted to drive until it is completely clear.
  • It’s dark for longer each day: driving in the dark has added challenges such as reduced visibility, pedestrians or cyclists not wearing reflective clothing or moving from well-lit urban streets to areas that are poorly lit.

With all of these additional hazards throughout the winter months, it’s more important than ever to make sure that your family and pets are safe.  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing one of our crash tested dog crates, now is the time to find out more, before we get into the depths of winter.  All of our crates are crash tested and our priority is to keep both dogs and humans safe.  Our crates work in conjunction with your vehicle’s crumple zone to keep you and your human passengers safe as well as your furry family members.

Find out more about how we crash test our crates by visiting our Safety Design page, and visit our Model Selector page to find out which crates will fit in your vehicle.

For more advice and ideas about how to stay safe this winter, the RAC website features a range of winter motoring tips.

Stay safe!



Looking For a Dog Crate with Divider?

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There are lots of reasons why our customers buy a dog crate with divider.  Maybe you have two dogs that don’t always get on, or maybe you have an older dog that needs some peace and quiet away from a younger dog?  Some customers are looking for a way of decreasing the size of the crate temporarily for a new puppy, but will then move the divider as the puppy grows.  Or maybe you are transporting both dogs and other heavy luggage that you would like to be safely contained, so that in the event of an accident, everyone in the vehicle is fully protected.

If you’re on the hunt for a dog crate with divider, then we have two different, fully crash tested, options.

VarioCage Double

dog cage with dividerThe VarioCage Double is our largest dog crate. It will hold two large dogs and measures up to 116cm width, 84.5cm high and 106cm depth.  The VarioCage dog crate has two gas sprung doors at the front, with an emergency exit in case the front doors cannot be used in the event of an accident.  The doors are fully secure, each with a robust lock with key. The cage is easy to use and practical as well as comfortable and spacious for the dogs.  The VarioCage Double comes with a detachable divider that can be moved, ideal when one of your dogs is larger than the other.  The crate itself comes in a range of different sizes, each of which can be fully adjusted to in terms of width and depth to fit securely into your vehicle.

All MIMsafe VarioCages are crash tested at SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås with the test method SPCT, Safe Pet Crate Test.  We are the only dog travel crate manufacturer that crash test with the crates in situ in the vehicle.  This ensures that our crates compress in a controlled way along the vehicle crumple zone, working with the vehicle rather than against it.  Passengers, driver and dog are kept safe from injury in the event of a collision.  Keeping animals and humans safe is continually our priority.


dog crate with dividerThe second option for a dog crate with divider is the VarioSystem, a fully crash tested safe dog transportation system that is composed of three separate components:

  • VarioGate: a tailgate guard
  • VarioBarrier: a dog guard
  • VarioDivider: a divider that separates the boot space into two separate compartments

This system is extremely versatile, being fully adjustable in width, height and depth, and will fit into a wide range of vehicles.  It is fully crash tested, with the divider built to withstand load and pressure from both sides, whilst the VarioGate will compress longitudinally, thus neutralising any forces.  During a rear end collision, the VarioDivider and the vehicle safety mechanism work jointly to create a controlled compression, protecting the rear seat from direct impact.

The VarioSystem is useful when you prefer your dog to have the full width of your boot or when a VarioCage Double will not fit into your vehicle.

To see which option will fit into your vehicle, please visit our Model Selector page or contact us on [email protected].