With a MIMsafe VarioGate it is possible to create a enclosed area of the entire luggage compartment that can be used for the transport of dogs or anything else you want to keep protected. MIMsafe VarioGate is adjustable in terms of height, width and depth, making it suitable for most cars without a threshold in the rear.

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VarioGate single sizing guide

VarioGate double sizing guide

Closed luggage compartment

We usually say; “Buy the dog first, the cage later and the car last” because sometimes the space for a cage is not enough. Then VarioGate is the best solution since you can use the entire luggage space.

Maximum flexibility

Adjustable in width, height and depth to fit the shape of your car.

One-hand quick release

Easy opening of VarioGate when holding your dog with your other hand.

Safe storage

When your dog needs air, safety is guaranteed thanks to the locking system.

dog crate with divider
Leash Hooks

Always have leash close at hand.

Damped opening

The doors are equipped with a gas spring that keeps the door open when needed.

Two-step lock

The door is closed in two steps to ensure that the cage remains closed in the event of a collision. Just like normal car door.