Our Story

We were simply born to bring safety into people’s lives

For more than 30 years, MIM Construction AB has worked with functional design and manufacturing of safety products for the modern automotive industry. With documentation from hundreds of crash tests and in close collaboration with the major car manufacturers, safe products have been developed and transformed into knowledge. Under the well-known brand name MIMsafe, we have become the leading manufacture of crash tested and crush proofed non-ambush dog cages all over the world.

SINCE 1986

Safety first and foremost

For us, safety always come first, for both humans and pets. Therefore, are our products comfortable, practical and steadily crash-tested. Because every trip you make should be a great pleasure.


Safety transport solutions for pets and loads in vehicles


MIMsafe products are innovative solutions, with focus on safe transport for pets and in concern for the driver, family and pet owners. MIM as the company behind MIMsafe are in the lead of innovations in our field with tested solutions for you and your pets safety.


With the extensive knowledge of the automotive and crash safety areas at MIM, MIMsafe products are uniquely placed to be ‘trendsetters’ within the industry. We comply with all laws and regulations in crash safety in the transport of live loads enabling us to be a leader in the field!


MIMsafe´s customers feel safe with our products and feel confident that it is the safest solution for their needs while having a product which brings safety transports that confirms them as a responsible driver, a knowledgeable person who knows how to protect themselves and their pets.