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dog's life saved by MIMsafe crate

MIMsafe’s VarioCage Saves Life of German Shorthaired Pointer In A Serious Car Accident

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dog saved by MIMsafe crateThankfully, serious road traffic accidents are not a common occurrence, so it’s not often that we’re able to report on the strength and performance of our dog crates in a real-life accident with real dogs and their owners.  However, we recently received grateful thanks from a dog owner following a distressing incident in which a dog, Hera, a German Shorthaired Pointer, was able to walk away unscathed.

Hanna, the owner, and Hera, were travelling very early in the morning at dawn in June this year when the accident occurred. The car flipped, landing on its side with the driver’s door facing down towards the ground. Hanna had to crawl out through the passenger door of her VW Passat Alltrack.

“Once I got out of the car, my nerves were really on edge in those few seconds until I made my way to Hera’s cage. It was completely quiet back there and I was expecting the worst.”

But once she caught sight of her beloved Hera, she was filled with relief.

“There were so many thoughts going through my head, and then I saw her eyes. She was alive! I am so grateful we chose MIMsafe’s VarioCage model. We made the choice because of its ability to withstand impact from all directions and this is exactly what happened when the car flipped. Once again, we are extremely grateful.”


dog's life saved by MIMsafe crate

The VarioCage worked exactly as it should. The inbuilt deformation zone compressed inwards to absorb the impact and protect the dog. We know from our crash testing that the less space the dog has in the cage in a collision, the safer the dog. The deformation zone of the crate also works in tandem with the deformation zone of the vehicle, unlike most other brands of crate currently available.

dog's life saved by MIMsafe crate

“All our crash tests are conducted with the Safe Pet Crate Test method, making us unique among cage makers,” says MIM Construction’s CEO Gert Olofsson “These tests are carried out in actual car bodies so we can really see how our cages will perform in a crash. We also conduct further extensive testing to ensure that the cage is as safe as possible, so we feel intense relief that owner and dog are safe, but also a sense of pride when we can see that the cage has done its job in protecting Hera and the rest of the family.”

The cage’s other safety systems also worked properly and once the rescue team arrived, they had to remove the crumpled rear hatch to get Hera out.

“Making sure that cage parts don’t come loose in a collision and that rear-seat passengers are safe has been a primary focus in our development work,” Gert Olofsson adds. “The built-in deformation zone in our VarioCage prevents serious injuries to those travelling in the rear of the car, both from cage parts penetrating through the back seats, as well as parts above the rear seat causing injury to the neck, all for the safety of both people and their dogs.”

“Hanna’s neck pain after the accident was gone after a week or so, and Hera was examined by a vet who determined that she had no injuries at all.

Both Hanna and her partner are now looking forward to long Autumn walks with Hera.

“What a wonderful feeling it will be to walk with Hera after what happened,” says Hanna. “We’ve come closer to her after the accident and want to get out as much as we can with her now.”

For more information about our range of fully crash tested dog crates, guards and tailgate guards, please visit our shop.


crash testing dog crates

What Does “Crash Tested” actually mean?

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crash testing dog cratesMost people searching for a dog crate will be aware that many organisations claim that their crates are crash tested. However, shockingly, our industry is completely unregulated and any organisation can claim that their dog transport products have been crash tested without being required to demonstrate any adequate proof that this is the case. Some organisations may crash test their products very minimally, only measuring impact from one direction. Most only carry out computer-simulated crash testing, meaning that their dog transportation products are never tested in a real-life crash situation until it happens to the customer and their dog with devastating results. Even worse, any company can claim that their products are crash tested when they may have failed the crash tests.

In 1986 in Sweden, a country well-known for the high value it places on health and safety, MIMsafe set out to create a dog crate that would withstand the impact of a collision, keeping humans and dogs safe. The founding engineers had backgrounds in working with some of the best-known car brands on vehicle safety features. They became aware of the number of road traffic accidents that resulted in severe injuries to rear seat passengers caused by solid, inflexible items in vehicle boots behind the back seats, many caused by dog crates. They set out to create a dog crate that worked alongside a vehicle’s deformation zone rather than against it, protecting passengers as well as their pets.

The VarioCage is a unique, innovatively engineered product that meets this criteria. Extensive research, working alongside car manufacturers, looking at crash records, and observing how vehicles behave in an accident, has gone into the design of these crates. And our crash testing process is far superior to any other dog crate manufacturer on the planet. We measure impact from front, rear, sides, and during a rollover, with the crate actually in situ in the vehicle to ensure that not only the dogs but the humans in the car are kept safe as well.

Here is one of our crash test videos showing rear impact:

Even though this process is costly, and the materials we use to ensure that we meet our safety criteria can be costly, it’s an investment we’ve made to ensure that we are able to honestly say that our products are as safe as we can make them. It means that our crates are on the more expensive end of the scale but are certainly competitive compared to other products that claim to be crash tested.

In a nutshell, all of this means that MIMsafe VarioCages are the safest crates WORLDWIDE and are the established leading brand in many countries. Although relatively new to the UK, they are rapidly gaining in popularity, with more and more people wanting the level of protection and peace of mind that a MIMsafe VarioCage gives them.

Please visit the VarioCage section of our website for more information.

dog travel and the law

Travelling With Dogs – Stay Safe & Within The Law

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dogs, travelling and the law

We’re a nation of animal lovers and for many, our dogs are members of the family, so they often accompany us when traveling in the car.  However, did you know that not restraining your dog when traveling could:

  • Lead to a conviction of dangerous driving if involved in an accident
  • Invalidate your car and pet insurance
  • Land you with a fine of up to £5000
  • Result in a requirement to retake your test
  • Add up to 9 penalty points on your driving license

And even worse, distract the driver and cause an accident, risking the lives of you, your passengers, your dogs, and other road users.

Just recently, in June 2022, a man was convicted of causing death by dangerous driving after he took his eyes off the road briefly when his unrestrained Weimaraner started to move around the vehicle.  His vehicle hit a taxi that was parked on the side of the road, collecting a 77-year-old woman and her husband.  Very sadly, the lady lost her life, and her husband was severely injured. He was jailed on June 23rd for 24 weeks, with a 64-week driving ban.  We can only imagine the horror and heartbreak of this accident for everyone involved.

Although driving with dogs that are not restrained is not against the law, it is included in Rule 57 of the Highway Code: “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”  This means that police have the power to pull you over and charge you with driving with undue care and attention.  This can lead to a very hefty fine and 9 penalty points on your license.


We want everyone to transport their dogs safely and with minimum risk to themselves, their passengers, their dogs and other road users, and we’ve campaigned to alert people of the dangers of traveling with loose dogs since the company was founded in 1986.

Our VarioCages are all crash tested from all angles: we ensure that they withstand impact from the front, the rear, the sides and during a rollover.  We’re the ONLY dog crate manufacturer that crash test in this way and with the crates in situ in the vehicle during the testing process.  Most other companies that claim to crash test use computer-generated crash testing.  This measures how the crates will withstand an impact in theory but does not physically test the crates to make sure.  Even worse, other companies claim to have crash tested when their tests are woefully inadequate and, in some cases, may have not even passed the crash test!

We also offer crash tested harnesses, tailgate guards and dog guards.  Please see our shop for our full range of dog transport safety products.

Be a gundog ambassador

Win A MIMsafe Dog Crate or a Dozen Bottles of Champagne At The Game Fair!

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Be a gundog ambassadorIt’s our first year exhibiting at The Game Fair at Ragley Hall this year and we’re celebrating by offering one lucky winner a FREE dog crate or tailgate guard.  AND, if you’re not lucky enough to be our winner, we have a reserve prize of 12 bottles of champagne!!

In order to be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is enter the draw on our stand at The Game Fair on 29th to 31st July.

We’ll be taking our full range of models of the crates, dog guards and tailgate guards that we have available, along with accompanying accessories, such as durable water bowls, high quality mats that fit each crate and out very MIMsafe popular bumper covers. Our team will be there to explain why our crates are the safest you can buy, as well as help answer any questions that you may have.  And if your dog is there, he or she can test the crate as well!

We offer a wide range of crash tested, lockalbe dog transport options, from double crates for really large dogs, to carry crate for really small dogs and cats.  We have crates built for hatchbacks, stackable crates that lock together that are ideal for vans and our variocages and tailgate guards are fully adjustable so that they can be moved from one vehicle to another.  Please call in and visit us while you’re at the show to see the full range of crates and enter our draw.

We’ll be annoucing the lucky winner after the show.  Looking forward to seeing you there!



Unrestrained dog

Unrestrained dog causes a fatal accident – don’t let this be you.

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Unrestrained dog

A recent heart-breaking case of a driver who was distracted by his dog while driving and fatally injured a 77-year-old woman has been reported in many news outlets over the weekend.

Whilst we don’t know the facts or details of the case, it has been reported that the 37-year-old driver took his eyes off the road when his unrestrained Weimaraner started to move around in the back of the vehicle. Seconds later, he hit a taxi that was parked at the side of the road, that was collecting a 77-year-old woman and her 80-year-old husband. The lady died later in hospital and her husband suffered fractures to his pelvis and leg and a deep cut to his forehead.

The heartbreak of such a horrific accident can only be imagined, for everyone concerned.

The driver pleaded guilty to a charge of causing death by dangerous driving and was jailed on June 23rd for 24 weeks, with a 64-week driving ban.
Detective Constable Chris Taylor, who led the investigation, said:

“[the owner} was fatally distracted because he hadn’t appropriately restrained his dog when he set off on his journey.
“I only hope that what happens serves as a warning to other pet owners about the potential consequences of failing to secure their animals when they are using the road.”

As dog owners, I’m sure we can understand how easily this could happen and can only imagine the heartbreak that the driver, victims and anyone else involved must have felt.

Our focus since the company was founded over 30 years has been to keep pets, drivers, passengers and the public safe, by raising public awareness of the dangers of driving with unrestrained pets. MIMsafe continues to invest in innovative and safe pet transportation options.

In order to maximise the safety of your dog, your passengers and yourself in the event of an accident, we recommend only using a fully crash tested form of restraint, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to safely restrain your pet using a crash-tested crate or dog guard. Our VarioBarrier dog guards (, that are fully crash tested to protect all passengers and prevent distraction of the driver, start at only £123. Alternatively, if you would prefer a harness, our crash tested All-Safe Harness is available from £59.99 onwards (

Please everyone, stay safe. Restrain your dogs and don’t let this happen to you.

We’re at Dogfest this weekend at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

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This coming weekend (25th and 26th June), we have a stand at Dogfest in Leicestershire at the beautiful Belvoir Castle!  It’s a fantastic location and will be a brilliant day out – we’re really looking forward to meeting everyone!  To anyone thinking of attending, we have a 20% discount code especially for MIMsafe customers and those interested in seeing our products!  You can use this code on the Dogfest website:

Use code DFSHOPPING20 to get 20% off your tickets!

If you live in Leicestershire or the surrounding area, this is your chance to come and see our products in person and ask any questions that you may have, as well as to have a great day out in a fantastic location with your dog(s)!

Two important reasons why you should use MIMsafe crash tested dog crates

Our crates are the ONLY dog crates available worldwide that are equipped with a telescopic flexibility that absorbs the forces caused by an impact, protecting dogs and passengers in the event of an accident. Other crate brands don’t have this flexibility and may shatter or fall apart in an RTA. This is why our crates are the safest available and are so popular across the globe.

In addition to this, we’re the ONLY company worldwide that crash tests our crates in situ in the vehicle. This is important because anything in your vehicle needs to work in conjunction with the safety mechanisms within the vehicle itself. There is no point in having a crate that protects the dog in crash tests on its own but doesn’t take into account any of the forces or physical apparatus that are present during an impact. Dog travel crates need to work in tandem with your vehicle’s crumple zone to ensure that every member of your family, canine and human, are kept safe.

Our only focus is to produce products that protect you and we continually test, innovate and improve to ensure that this is what we do.
Our dog travel cages undergo rigorous crash tests at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The tests are adapted to the cage size and load without sacrificing its energy-absorbing characteristics if a collision were to occur. The robust, innovative construction ensures that our crates can withstand massive impact from all directions – we call it Safety 360°.

Read more about our safety design and crash testing on our Safety Design page

We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend!



World's smallest medical detection dog

Meet Vimpan, the World’s smallest diabetes detection dog!

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World's smallest medical detection dogMeet Vimpan, the world’s first diabetes alert dog!

Vimpan and his owner Sofia Karlsson, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was four years old, contacted our Swedish colleagues about a Care2 crate and they were very happy to let little Vimpan try out one of our Care2 crates and hear his story!

medical detection dogVimpan came to live with Sofia when he was a tiny puppy. He enjoyed a very successful show career, winning awards in ten different countries. But Sofia wanted to keep on learning with Vimpan, and it was while completing a course in nosework that she had the idea to train him as a diabetic alarm dog.

“I called SBK and said that I wanted to train Vimpan as a diabetic dog. That surprised them a bit… training a chihuahua to be a diabetic alarm dog? It had never been tried before. Usually Labradors are trained for this task.”

However, she persuaded them to give him a try and they agreed to him taking an initial suitability test, which he passed with flying colours. He then went on to complete a further test, that measured his ability to learn and his social skills. To their surprise, it turned out that Vimpan was the perfect candidate to learn to be a diabetic dog!

Shortly afterwards, Sofia and Vimpan started the intensive training course under the guidance of a private instructor. It took them a year to become certified as a diabetes alert team, and they became local celebrities, opening the door for other more unusual dog breeds to start similar training. Sofia is rightly very proud of what she and Vimpan have achieved.

So, how is Vimpan able to identify when Sofia’s blood sugar levels are too high or too low?

Sofia explained: “I collected my own scents in sterilized jars. I used cotton pads with sweat and saliva when I had both high and low blood sugar. In this way, Vimpan learned to sniff out the odours that indicated my blood sugar is not okay. But what´s more, his nose is so sensitive that he can detect critical levels long before they actually become a problem.
“I´d say he can pick them up some twenty minutes before the measuring instrument on my arm.”

So how does Vimpan alert Sofia when her blood sugar levels are too high?

World's smallest medical detection dogHe carries a small tag on his collar at all times that he grabs and holds when he detects changes in her levels. Sofia added “If he does not have his collar on, he resourcefully picks something else that’s close by up, for example a shoelace or something else on the ground. It can be pretty much anything. But he never fails to alert me”.
And if it happens during the night when Sofia is asleep, Vimpan will jump onto Sofia’s bed
and wake her up by scratching her with his front paws.

While the Swedish MIMsafe team were hearing about Sofia and little Vimpan’s story, he voluntarily went into his new Care2 crate, curled himself up and went to sleep!!

Well done Sofia and Vimpan – it’s great to hear that such a small dog can achieve so much!!

crash tested dog guard

Looking for a crash tested dog guard?

By | MIMSafe Blog

If you’re looking for a dog guard to keep your dogs safely in the boot and protect your passengers and yourself in the event of an accident, you can’t get safer or better value than a VarioBarrier crash tested dog guard. Unlike most other dog guards on the market, our guards are crash tested according to crash standard ECE-R17 / ISO 27955, and once fitted, the legal requirement for load securing is met and you, your family and your pets will be much safer.  They’re also a very reasonable price, starting at only £123.

Our crash tested dog guard is flexible enough to accompany you from car to car, and is fully adjustable in width and height to ensure that it will fit the shape of each vehicle. The dog guard can also be safely fitted without any alterations or damage to the inside of the car.

The dog guard prevents dogs being flung forward and injuring themselves on the car contents or windscreen: dogs are often thrown through the windscreen on impact if they are not appropriately restrained. The guard simultaneously protects passengers from the full force of animals, luggage or other items being propelled from the boot space into the vehicle if the event of an accident.

Our uncompromising focus on safety by crash testing from different angles with the safety products in situ in the vehicle means that we know that the guard will work in tandem with your vehicle’s crumple zone, further protecting anyone, dogs or people, from risk of injury.

As well as our own branded dog guards, we are a trusted supplier of dog guards for a wide range of vehicle brands and models, and we work closely alongside vehicle manufacturers to design and manufacture safe, crash tested guards that large organisations trust and depend upon.

We have two different models of VarioBarrier dog guard available. The VarioBarrier Original small, medium or large is suitable for vehicles that contain load anchors and a flat boot floor. The VarioBarrier Headrest (HR) is the best option for smaller vehicles with no load anchors.

If you would like to turn your entire boot space into a protected, secure area for your dog to travel, then our VarioGate tailgate guard works extremely well alongside the VarioBarrier. The VarioGate is the ONLY crash tested tailgate guard currently available and gives you the entire boot space to use for dogs, large items or luggage. If you need to segregate the boot space into two separate compartments, for different dogs or for dogs and luggage, then the VarioDivider fits the bill nicely. This system is extremely popular with our dog sports customers, who compete in dog sports such as agility, obedience, hoopers, heelwork to music and flyball.

For further information or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

crash tested tailgate guard

The VarioGate crash tested tailgate guard – our most popular product!

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crash tested tailgate guardCurrently our most popular item and in constant demand, our tailgate guard is the ONLY crash tested tailgate guard currently available.  The guards are comprehensively crash tested to ensure that your dogs and your family will be protected during a rear impact.

Our customers find the VarioGate tailgate guard a great option when:

  • They need more room for dogs than one of our crate can offer
  • They need the whole boot space for other items when the dog is not present
  • They are unable to find a crash tested crate that will fit their vehicle
  • They want an option that is flexible enough to be moved from vehicle to vehicle

The VarioGate is adjustable in width, height, and depth, ensuring that it will fit in most vehicles.  The doors are one-hand quick release, meaning that you can easily open and shut them while holding the dog with one hand.  Even better, due to the gas spring opening function, the doors will stay open while you load or train the dog, unlike other tailgate guards, on which the doors swing shut.  The doors also have a two-step locking system, just like most car doors, to ensure that the doors stay shut and don’t fly open in the event of an accident.

Your vehicle can be left open if you are nearby to give your dog air, and the gate can be securely locked, with a robust fitted lock and key.  Additionally, the gate has lead hooks, on which to hang leads, toys, and other items, keeping them easily to hand when you arrive at your destination.

The gates are best used alongside our crash tested VarioBarrier dog guard and divider if you have two animals that you would like to transport separately.

You can see more about how to choose and fit our crash tested tailgate guard in this video:

travelling with your dog

Top Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

By | MIMSafe Blog

Are you planning to take your dog with you when you travel this year, either in the UK or overseas?  With post-covid overseas travel rules very hit and miss, and the situation still unpredictable, many of us are discovering some beautiful locations and great dog-friendly holidays available in the UK.  Equally, it has never been easier for your pets to accompany you overseas, and many of us are still opting to travel abroad with our pets.
Whether you are staying in the UK or going further afield, make travelling with your dog less stressful for them—and you—just follow our tips.

Prepare for Travelling with Your Dog

Whatever your mode of travel will be, your dog will need:

  • His usual lead or harness, and a collar with an identification tag that includes your mobile contact details. Some locations will provide collar tags with the address of the holiday location, which is a great idea.  Unusual sights, sounds and smells may make your dog curious or alarmed, and more likely to run off to explore. If they’re not already microchipped (required by law), seriously consider this before you travel.
  • Always travel with a plentiful supply of bottled water.
  • Don’t forget the poo bags!
  • Comfortable, clean bedding for the journey and for use in your accommodation.
  • Cleaning equipment in case your dog is travel sick during the journey or has any toileting “accidents” in the accommodation.
  • An adequate supply of any medications they need.
  • Your pets food, including a few days’ extra supply in case you stay later than planned.
  • Blankets, throws and towels are great for ensuring that your pet is dry and clean, and for protecting holiday accommodation furniture, carpets and upholstery.
  • If your dog or puppy is a chewer or likely to be stressed by being in an unfamiliar location, then a large foldable crate is ideal for ensuring that they are contained overnight and can’t damage the property.  When dogs are familiar with their crate, and crate trained properly, then the crate can provide an ideal home-from-home safe haven for your dog.  This gives them somewhere with which they are familiar and know they will be safe if the stress of being in a strange location becomes a bit too much.  Never disturb dogs in their safe haven – it needs to be a space in which they feel confident they can relax and be safe.

If your pet suffers from travel sickness, ask your vet for advice before you travel. They may be able to prescribe medication to help. It’s always best to avoid feeding your dog for a few hours beforehand.
It’s a good idea for your pet to have a health check-up before a long trip, and you should always ensure you find the number of an emergency vet near your destination.
Travelling abroad? Then make sure your pet has all the permissions, identification documents and health certifications they need, and that they have had all the necessary vaccinations.

Tips for Flying with Your Dog

Some destinations and flights may not be suitable for your dog, as they may expose them to temperatures that are too high or too low. You may need to present a certificate of health to your airline in advance, as well as vaccination certificates. There may also be quarantine periods in some countries. Always check before you book your holiday.
Don’t forget to make a reservation for your dog. Reservations for pets are limited, and sometimes your dog nay need to take a separate flight. If you have a puppy, be aware that airlines won’t accept very young dogs; minimum age limits on the day of flight are usually 8 or 12 weeks depending on the airline.
Unless your dog is a service dog, they will usually have to travel in the hold in a crate. Even those airlines that allow dogs in the cabin often require them to be crated (and may have size or weight restrictions that preclude your dog). Some airlines supply crates or offer crate hire; some have a maximum allowed crate size; others insist that the crate is large enough for your pet to fully stand and turn around in (this should be your standard for your dog’s crate anyway). A good-quality crate should be strong and well-ventilated, with sturdy carrying handles. Check the regulations of the company you’re flying with carefully, including any labelling requirements for the crate.

Tips for Travelling by Train, Bus or Boat with Your Dog

travelling with your dogAlways check if your dog is allowed on the buses or trains you need to catch, and whether they can travel with you in the carriage or by your seat. Dogs are allowed on the majority of European rail services, but not on Eurostar services (unless they’re service dogs). However, you can take the Eurotunnel car shuttle service and keep your dog in the car with you (although you’ll need to pay a charge).
Some ferries will allow dogs, although sometimes this option is only available for car boardings, and your dog may have to stay in the car. As for traditional cruises, only Cunard’s transatlantic cruises on the Queen Mary 2 allows dogs (berthed separately, with designated visiting times). However, there are a few humbler cruise trips, such as river cruises, that will let your dog come along for the ride.

Tips for Travelling with Your Dog in the Car

By UK law, dogs should be restrained while travelling in your vehicle.  A crash tested dog crate is by far the safest way to transport your dog.  Our MIMsafe crates undergo – and pass – the most comprehensive crash testing of any crates currently available on the market, making them the safest option for your dog and your passengers.  If you prefer a dog car harness then we also design and manufacture these, but our own and other manufacturer tests demonstrate that crates are always the safest option for dogs and humans.
MIMSafe’s crates are tested in conditions that monitor both the safety of the dog as well as passengers, ensuring you can travel with confidence.
Just like humans, dogs need regular breaks to stretch their legs and go to the toilet on a long trip—and if you need to leave your dog in the car, try to leave someone with them. Dog theft is still rife, so make sure the crate is locked, offering a second level of protection.  If leaving them alone is unavoidable, make it brief, and NEVER leave them alone in a hot car.

Short Of Space In Your Vehicle?

short of space in your vehicle

MIMsafe Carrier Roof Box

If your car is crammed full of passengers, dog crate and luggage, don’t forget that a roof box can give you the extra luggage space that you may need.  Our new Carrier Roof Box is the safest product to hit the roof box market and is in a class of its own.  Our roof box is crash tested at a speed of 50 km/h at a crash pulse in accordance with the ECE R17 standard. The test showed that the roof box can withstand a force of up to 26g, meaning that the roof box can hold up in a frontal collision with loads of 75kg at 50 km/hr.  The roof box is easily fastened to the roof rack thanks to the “Quick Grip” function and sensor lights ensure that you can always see inside the box while searching for items, whatever the time of day.  The box can be opened from both sides and is fully lockable, meaning that you can leave your vehicle safe in the knowledge that your luggage is safely stowed.  The box is equipped with carpet and load loops to ensure that the contents don’t slip about during transport and the box has passed rigorous climatic wind tunnel tests.  The Carrier roof box is an ideal investment to ensure that you have extra space for your luggage, enabling you to travel more safely and more comfortably.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation

Always ensure you’ve booked accommodation that allows dogs, and that it’s suitable for your pet (a holiday cottage with lots of fragile ornaments about may not be the best environment for your large, long-tailed dog!).
When you arrive, check over the accommodation and ensure there’s nothing within your dog’s reach that could pose a safety risk if chewed, especially if you have a puppy. Avoid leaving your dog in your holiday accommodation, as they may be unsettled, meaning they may bark when left or cause damage to furnishings.

Keeping your pet occupied

Take lots of toys, games and chews that will keep your dog occupied while at your accommodation, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy your break without having to worry about your dog being bored, or finding other things to chew or with which to entertain themselves.  Some pet-friendly destinations are great for providing toys and chews, while others provide nothing but notices warning you about the consequences of your dog damaging any of the furniture or upholstery.
JR Pet Products supply great natural, long-lasting chews and treats, and Green & Wilds supply high quality eco-friendly toys and chews that will keep your dog entertained while you relax.  Kong has one of the best ranges of safe treat-dispensing toys that are another great option.

Enjoy Your Holiday with Your Pet

If you are well prepared, then travelling and holidaying with your dog should be stress-free and a positive experience. So do the groundwork, ensure your dog is well-fed, watered and entertained on the trip, and enjoy your holiday with your them.