The MIMSafe Story: 35 Years of Safety Innovation

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MIMsafe innovation

MIM Construction AB was founded to innovate, improve and excel in the safety sector.
For over 35 years under the MIMsafe brand, we’ve focused on pet safety—but always with human safety in mind too, which means the MIMsafe name is one you can trust.
We’ve designed, built and comprehensively tested the following series of safety products that have made our company stand out as a pioneer in this field.

Our Crash-Tested Car Crates, Keeping Dogs and Passengers Safer

MIMsafe has always worked closely with the automotive industry when designing our pet safety products for cars. Our range of dog crates has been developed in close collaboration with the major car manufacturers to ensure they perform reliably in the real cars that dog owners drive.
What’s more, we’re the only company that crash tests its crates in situ not just once, but hundreds of times, checking that the crate works correctly in conjunction with the vehicle crumple zone. While many manufacturers may claim their crates are crash-tested, this is usually limited testing and often restricted to the most common type of crash: a head-on collision. However, this kind of collision causes the least disturbance to a crate due to car safety measures, and different types of collision carry different risks.
During a rear-end collision, a crate may splinter, break the back window, pierce through the back seat and cause spinal injuries to a passenger, or impact a passenger’s head. In a rollover situation, a dog cage can be broken or come loose, breaking windows and injuring passengers. These crashes can all seriously injure your pet too or allow them to escape into traffic, where they may be fatally injured or cause further collisions.
This is why all our crates are tested with the crates in situ in the vehicle, in a range of collision scenarios—not just head-on crashes. The results help us refine our designs to ensure not just your pet’s safety, but that of you and your passengers too.

Our Vehicle-Specific Dog Guards, Keeping Passengers Safer

Some automotive manufacturers offer dog guards designed specifically for certain models that they manufacture. Naturally, these manufacturers want their dog guards to meet the same high safety and design standards as their vehicles. We’re proud that top automotive brands like VW, Hyundai, Kia and Mercedes have all chosen MIMsafe to design and produce the vehicle-specific dog guards used in their vehicles. It demonstrates their trust in our process and our products.

Our NewEra Clip, Keeping Horses and Riders Safer

The MIMsafe NewEra Clip may seem a bit of a departure. It’s not used in a car, or for transporting cats or dogs. In fact, this innovative horse and rider safety product came about due to the wife of our founder, Mats Björnetun. In response to her cross-country eventing interests, Mats started organising cross-country events on their property and then further afield. However, he soon realised more could and should be done to make the sport safer. With input from major eventing stars such as Mark Phillips and Hugh Thomas, and a crash expert from Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology, the MIMsafe Clip was invented.
These pioneering fixings protect both horses and riders from the dangers of rotational falls. They’re designed to instantly break if the horse hits the fence, dropping the fence instantaneously. The red MIMclip can be attached to fences such as oxers and gates, and there is now a yellow MIMclip for fences designed to be jumped at an angle, such as corners, and for tables.
An indicator shows when they require replacing, and this can be done in just 30 seconds.  The MIMclip not only contributes to the overall safety of the sport for both horses and riders but also guarantees fair and correct judging.
The MIMsafe NewEra Clip was the first cross-country jump safety fixing to pass the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)’s new approvals scheme for frangible devices in Eventing. It was used at many equestrian events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and on 1st January 2021, it became mandatory on all compatible fences at FEI events.

Our Latest Innovation: the MIMsafe Roof Box

Once you have one of our dog crates in the boot of your car, where do you put the luggage that no longer fits? Our latest innovative product, the MIMsafe roof box, was designed to solve this problem.
After rigorous wind-tunnel testing, the unique design of our double-walled roof box is slick and aerodynamic. Yet it offers 10 cubic feet of storage space and can take loads up to 75 kg. It’s also crash-tested to a new, high standard. In testing at 50 km/h, at a crash pulse in accordance with the ECE R17 standard, it could withstand a force of up to 26g.
Our roof box also offers highly practical features such as:

  • an internal, motion-activated light
  • internal crash-tested load loops to secure luggage
  • washable, durable hard-wearing mat that provides grip for the luggage
  • a lock for security
  • quick grip fastening for easy install on the roof rack
  • TEAS locking system to hold the roof box firmly in place
  • accessibility from both sides

We’re excited to venture into this area of automotive accessories and bring our stringent safety and practicality standards to a new product type.

Looking Forward

We’ve moved in to new, larger factory premises in Trollhättan, Sweden, due to increased demand, and we have many new products in development, so the future looks bright. At MIMsafe, we will continue to strive for excellence and innovation, always putting safety—for animals and their owners—first and foremost in our designs.