The VarioCage Compact Dog Crate for Hatchbacks

By 28th September 2020 No Comments

dog crate for hatchbacksWe know that safely transporting the family pet may not be a priority when choosing a vehicle, but finding a crash tested and safe dog crate for hatchbacks is not easy. We offer one of the few solutions, the MIMSafe VarioCage Compact, a fully crash tested, crush proof dog crate built specifically for hatchback cars.

For more than twenty years, we have worked alongside vehicle manufacturers to design safety details and have documentation from hundreds of crash tests and real-life road traffic collisions. Our dog crates are built to work alongside the safety features of vehicles to ensure that both pets and passengers are kept safe. The safest place to locate dogs during transport will always be the boot of the car. This is because the back seat of the vehicle is built to withstand the weight of any products the car may be transporting, protecting passengers from the force of these items during an impact. However, finding a dog crate for hatchbacks is not easy because of the restricted boot space.

Our MIMSafe VarioCage Compact dog crates are built primarily to suit hatchback cars. They are designed to house one small dog up to 38cm at the withers and are fitted with a 23cm elevated door to match the sill on the hatchback’s boot. The length of the cage can be reduced or extended to fit the boot, leaving room for luggage alongside the crate.

All of our crates have been fully crash tested to the same standards as baby car seats. In the event of an impact, the VarioCage Compact will safely compress in a controlled manner along the vehicle crumple zone. This protects both passengers and dog from an increased risk of injury.

Each crate is fitted with a built in locking system, gas spring doors and an emergency exit in case the primary exit is blocked.
The MIMSafe VarioCage Compact can be fitted in the top 5 hatchback cars of 2020:

  • The VW Golf
  • The Ford Focus
  • The Seat Leon
  • The BMW 1 Series
  • Mazda 3

It will also fit many more vehicles – visit the model selector on our website.