Looking For a Dog Crate with Divider?

By 11th October 2021 No Comments

There are lots of reasons why our customers buy a dog crate with divider.  Maybe you have two dogs that don’t always get on, or maybe you have an older dog that needs some peace and quiet away from a younger dog?  Some customers are looking for a way of decreasing the size of the crate temporarily for a new puppy, but will then move the divider as the puppy grows.  Or maybe you are transporting both dogs and other heavy luggage that you would like to be safely contained, so that in the event of an accident, everyone in the vehicle is fully protected.

If you’re on the hunt for a dog crate with divider, then we have two different, fully crash tested, options.

VarioCage Double

dog cage with dividerThe VarioCage Double is our largest dog crate. It will hold two large dogs and measures up to 116cm width, 84.5cm high and 106cm depth.  The VarioCage dog crate has two gas sprung doors at the front, with an emergency exit in case the front doors cannot be used in the event of an accident.  The doors are fully secure, each with a robust lock with key. The cage is easy to use and practical as well as comfortable and spacious for the dogs.  The VarioCage Double comes with a detachable divider that can be moved, ideal when one of your dogs is larger than the other.  The crate itself comes in a range of different sizes, each of which can be fully adjusted to in terms of width and depth to fit securely into your vehicle.

All MIMsafe VarioCages are crash tested at SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås with the test method SPCT, Safe Pet Crate Test.  We are the only dog travel crate manufacturer that crash test with the crates in situ in the vehicle.  This ensures that our crates compress in a controlled way along the vehicle crumple zone, working with the vehicle rather than against it.  Passengers, driver and dog are kept safe from injury in the event of a collision.  Keeping animals and humans safe is continually our priority.


dog crate with dividerThe second option for a dog crate with divider is the VarioSystem, a fully crash tested safe dog transportation system that is composed of three separate components:

  • VarioGate: a tailgate guard
  • VarioBarrier: a dog guard
  • VarioDivider: a divider that separates the boot space into two separate compartments

This system is extremely versatile, being fully adjustable in width, height and depth, and will fit into a wide range of vehicles.  It is fully crash tested, with the divider built to withstand load and pressure from both sides, whilst the VarioGate will compress longitudinally, thus neutralising any forces.  During a rear end collision, the VarioDivider and the vehicle safety mechanism work jointly to create a controlled compression, protecting the rear seat from direct impact.

The VarioSystem is useful when you prefer your dog to have the full width of your boot or when a VarioCage Double will not fit into your vehicle.

To see which option will fit into your vehicle, please visit our Model Selector page or contact us on [email protected].