The Care2 Dog Carrier For Cars

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dog carrier for cars

For many of us, our dogs are everything, and often come with us wherever we travel. We want to ensure that they stay safe as well as feeling secure and comfortable, so that, if the worst happens, and we are involved in an accident, our dogs are protected from injury or from escaping from the vehicle and running off into traffic.

Dog carriers for cars, particularly those that are crash tested, are a practical and indispensable solution for transporting dogs safely and comfortably, helping to make car travel enjoyable for both pets and their owners.

Dog carriers are usually built for very small dogs so that they can be carried in the carrier. Our dog carriers come in two different sizes and are suitable for very small breeds, such as Yorkshire terriers, papillons and chihuahuas. They are also ideal for cats, rabbits and other small animals.

dog carrier for cars

Ensuring Safety and Security

MIMsafe Care2 pet carriers are the only dog carriers in the World that are tested to the same standards as baby seats. They are crush proof, are guaranteed for life, and are built with an aluminium frame and fully recyclable, non-toxic materials with reinforced, armoured doors that won’t open in the event of an accident. The carriers feature doors that lock at both end of the carrier and an inbuilt thermometer to monitor your pet’s temperature while travelling. Furthermore, the Care 2 dog carrier fits into any vehicle, with attachments that allow the carrier to be fitted securely in your vehicle using seat belts, just like a baby seat. In case of an accident or sudden braking, the carrier acts as a protective cocoon, reducing the chances of injury to the dog. With a Care2 carrier, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing their beloved companions are safe and secure throughout the journey.

Comfort and Stress Reduction

Ensuring that your dog is comfortable and relaxed is easy using a Care2 crate. Dogs love the enclosed feel, yet it is easy to see through the crate to ensure that your dog is safe. MIMsafe sell a range of mats and bedding and breathable materials to ensure a cosy and stress-free environment for dogs. The carriers offer ample space for small dogs and other pets to sit, lie down, and turn around comfortably. By creating a familiar and secure space, the carriers help alleviate anxiety and stress that dogs may experience during car travel. Care2 carriers have multiple windows that allow dogs to observe their surroundings, reducing boredom and providing mental stimulation throughout the journey. With a comfortable and stress-free environment, dogs are more likely to relax and enjoy the ride.

Home from home

If you travel regularly, then you will know how important it is that your dog is able to feel at home and relax in a range of different environments. Our Care2 crates can be used in all sorts of environments, from public transport, to use as a kennel in a hotel room, somewhere where very small dogs can retire to, and feel at home.
Our Care2 dog carriers are designed with convenience and versatility in mind featuring a handle for easy transportation outside the car, making visits to the veterinarian or other destinations hassle-free. With their versatility, dog carriers for cars offer a practical solution for both short trips and long journeys, ensuring that dogs are comfortable and secure wherever the road takes them.

dog carriers for carsConclusion

Dog carriers for cars provide an indispensable solution for pet owners who wish to ensure the safety, comfort, and well-being of their canine companions during car travel. With their focus on safety, secure construction, comfort, and convenience, our Care2 pet carriers offer a reliable way to transport dogs while minimizing stress and distractions. Investing in a high-quality dog carrier not only enhances the travel experience for dogs but also provides peace of mind for their owners. So, whether it’s a visit to the park, a road trip, or a visit to the veterinarian, a dog carrier for cars is the perfect companion for safe and comfortable journeys with our beloved pets.