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Professional Dog Crates – A Must For Pet Professionals

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professional dog cratesMarket research shows that people in the UK are spending more money on their pets, not just on consumable and accessories, but on professional pet services too. With more pet dogs than ever thanks to the pandemic pet boom, these services are in high demand—and set to carry on growing.

As people begin to go back out to work and on holiday, back at home, dogs still need caring for, training, grooming and walking. So, if you provide training, grooming, walking, boarding or transport services for dogs, good news: it’s a time of great opportunity!

The bad news? The pet service sector has become very competitive. That’s why you need a USP, or Unique Selling Point: a service that only you provide, or a factor that makes your services different or better. A great potential USP is using professional dog crates.

A USP that Dog Owners Respond To

What USPs attract dog owners? Well, they want to ensure their dogs are happy, healthy and safe.  A good USP will respond to one of these needs.

You can show dog owners your premises, equipment, food, facilities, training programmes etc. so that they know how you will keep their dog happy and healthy—and safe while on the premises. But they will also want to be reassured that their dog will be safe in your vehicle. By using professional dog crates, you can provide that reassurance.

MIMsafe Professional Dog Crates

What do we mean by ‘professional dog crate’?

To be used by professionals, a crate not only needs to be incredibly safe, but also durable, high quality, and easy to use. MIMsafe dog crates tick all these boxes with ease.


MIMsafe crates are crash tested in situ, in the vehicle, via extensive in-vehicle testing. This is their USP, as MIMsafe is the only company in the world that does this. The company ensures its dog cages work in unison with the vehicle crumple zone and they’re designed to keep not just dogs, but you and your passengers, safe.

Durable and high quality

MIMsafe’s professional dog crates are strong and built to last, made of high-quality materials. Designed by safety experts, they include practical features like two step locks, reinforced doors and integrated thermometers.

Easy to use

Features like adjustable depth, carry handles, one hand release and various anchoring options make MIMsafe dog crates simple and convenient to use.

Transporting one dog? Three dogs? No problem.

Whether you transport one dog now and then or regularly drive around with a bootful of canines, MIMsafe has the professional dog crates you need.

  • Transporting small dogs, up to 30 cm in height? Consider the carrier-style MIMsafe Care2. It’s available in in two sizes: Medium for dogs up to 5kg, and Large for dogs up to 9kg. It has an integrated thermometer and is mounted using a seatbelt.
  • For small to medium dogs transported in the boot, the VarioCage range of depth adjustable crates is ideal, and includes:
    • the Single for one dog, available in six sizes
    • the Double (for two dogs, with an internal divider), in eight sizes
    • the Minimax for small dogs or cats, in two sizes
    • the Compact for small dogs. Available in two sizes, its elevated door is designed for easier use in hatchback vehicles.
  • For larger or multiple dogs, the Multicage is the answer. Available in single or double models, these crates can be anchored to each other horizontally or vertically, great for kitting out a van.

The Professional Approach: Insurance and the Law

While it’s not illegal to have an unrestrained pet in your car in the UK, under the Highway Code, animals should be “suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.” If ignoring this rule causes an accident or dangerous driving, you may find yourself liable or charged with a driving offence. It may also invalidate your driver’s insurance. Serious incidents could lead to court appearances, an unlimited fine, up to 9 points on your licence and even disqualification.

Find Your Ideal MIMsafe Crate

Using professional dog crates is a great USP and the best way to keep you and your passengers—both canine and human—safe. It’s also the best way to ensure you abide by your legal obligations and insurance conditions.

Find your ideal MIMsafe crate by using the car model search to find crates suitable for your car or the crate fit search to confirm your selected crate is suitable for your vehicle.

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Professional Dog Cages for Dog Walkers

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professional dog crateIn the UK, we’re spending more on our pets than ever before, including spending on accessories, clothes, specialised food, and care and grooming services. Dog walking is one of these thriving and growing service sectors, and likely to experience a boom in the coming months. The Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association reported that 3.2 million households in the UK had acquired a pet in the first year of the pandemic, most of them dogs! But as people return to their offices, they will need pet professionals to care for and walk their dog in the day.
If you’re a dog walker, this means plenty of opportunity—but also plenty of competition. The internet and local magazines are full of adverts for dog walkers.
So how can you make your service stand out, so that customers pick you and your services? You need a USP: a Unique Selling Point, which shouts out that your services are better than the rest.

What do dog owners care about?

Like anyone else, dog owners love a bargain and a competitive price. But their primary concern is that their dogs are safe, well cared for and happy when they’re in a dog walker’s care. They will need reassurance that you take every precaution when walking and transporting their dogs, and that the safety of their dog is paramount.
That means special concern for dog safety can be a really strong USP for you.
One way to provide evidence that you go the extra mile is to choose top-quality, safety-tested professional dog cages—and shout about it! Include it in your adverts and mention it in conversations with potential customers. It will make them feel confident about your professionalism and your care for their dog.
Of course, using reliable dog cages will also give you the reassurance of knowing the dogs in your care are as safe as possible when you’re transporting them—and that your passengers are protected too.

So which professional dog cages should you choose?

The gold standard in dog crates: MIMsafe

MIMsafe dog crates are the only crates in the world to be crash tested in situ in the vehicle to the same standard as baby car seats. MIMsafe ensures that its dog cages work in unison with the vehicle crumple zone, keeping dogs, drivers and passengers safe.
MIMSafe’s range of professional dog cages include:

  • Professional dog cage

    The MultiCage Professional Dog Cage, ideal for vans.

    the MIMsafe Care2: suitable for very small dogs up to 30 cm in height, it’s available in in two sizes: Medium for dogs up to 5kg, and Large for dogs up to 9kg. It has a useful carry handle and thermometer and is mounted using a seatbelt.

  • the VarioCage range of dog crates, which are depth adjustable and designed for use in the boot. The range includes:
    – the Single for one dog, available in six sizes
    – the Double (for two dogs, with an internal divider), in eight sizes
    – the Minimax for small dogs or cats, in two sizes
    – the Compact, which is ideal for small dogs. Available in two sizes, it has an elevated door for easier use in hatchback vehicles.
  • The Multicage professional dog cages, available in single or double models, for larger dogs. The dog crates can be anchored to each other horizontally or vertically—ideal if transporting two dogs or more or if you are kitting out a van.

Dog crates, the law, and insurance

In the UK, it’s not illegal to have an unrestrained pet in your car. However, Highway Code Rule 57 says animals should be “suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly.” Disregard for this rule can cause you to be held liable for an accident or charged with an offence such as ‘careless and inconsiderate driving’. In serious cases, this could mean court appearances, an unlimited fine, up to 9 points on your licence and even disqualification.
Your driver’s insurance could also be invalidated if an accident is caused by an unrestrained dog in your care.

Choosing the right dog cage

MimSafe make it easy to find the right crate for you, your dog and your car. Use the car model search to find crates suitable for your car, or the crate fit search to check your selected crate will fit.


We’re Giving Away THREE Care2 Pet Carriers!

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We’ve got THREE Care2 Pet Carriers, worth up to £350, up for grabs, one of each colour, in our “Ready for Summer” photo competition!

Our Care2 Small Dog or Cat Carriers are the ONLY pet crates crash tested to the same extent as baby seats.  They also work in a similar way in that they are easily fitted onto the seat next to you using your vehicle’s seatbelts.  The Care2 crate is the SAFEST way to transport your pet – safest for your pet but also safest for you and your human passengers.

Enter Competition

When is the competition open for entries?

Our competition begins on 3rd April and will close at midnight on the 15th April. You will only be able to enter one photo per person so make sure you choose the best!

How do I enter?

To enter, click the “Enter competition” button above and follow instructions.

You’ll be asked to leave a photo of your pet looking “Adventure-ready for summer!” and also asked to leave your pet’s name as the caption.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to tag on extra entries as referring a friend and signing up to our newsletter.

How will you judge the entries?

We’ll add all the entries to our Facebook page and the one with the most likes will win one of the crates. The other two winners will be at the judges’ discretion. You will be notified within 7 days of the competition closing.

If there is anything else that you need to know about the photo competition then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Good luck!

MIMsafe ambassador

Paddleboard-loving dog and owner become MIMsafe’s most recent ambassadors

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We’re delighted that Kelly and her working cocker spaniel Murphy, from Nottinghamshire, have recently become MIMsafe ambassadors.
We asked Kelly a bit more about how she first heard about our crash tested crates and why she wanted to be a MIMsafe ambassador.

MIMsafe ambassadorQ: How do you feel about becoming a MIMsafe ambassador?
A: We’re really excited to be working with MIMsafe. After personally using our crate for the past few years now it’s a product I truly would now never want to be without. It’s given me peace of mind wherever we travel, not to mention a clean, dog hair free car!! Definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever invested in as a pet owner.

Q: Have you always had dogs?
A: I haven’t! I always wanted a dog growing up though! Murphy is my first dog.

Q: Do you do any dog sports/other activities with Murphy?
A: I recently purchased a Stand Up Paddle board which I love taking to the lakes with Murphy on board! He took to it like an absolute natural!

Q: What made you want to become a MIMsafe ambassador?
A: I did a lot of research into trying to find a crash proof crate that would fit my old Renault Clio, I was under the impression that such a product didn’t exist for a hatchback car until I came across MIMsafe. Travelling Murphy safely in the car has always been something that’s been really important to me, especially with how much we travel! Unfortunately I think sometimes it’s something that a lot of pet owners overlook or don’t think about. Many are probably like me and believe because they have a small car, a product that would fit doesn’t exist and so I wanted to become an ambassador to help spread the word about the options available and the importance of road safety.

Q: What do you like about MIMsafe crates?
A: As well as the obvious safety features and peace of mind it gives me whilst travelling I love that the crates are adjustable in depth. This has meant that when I did upgrade my car a few months ago I didn’t need to purchase a whole new crate to fit it!

Q: Were there any specific safety-related incidents that prompted you to buy a Variocage?
A: Thankfully I haven’t had any first-hand experiences but I have seen/heard about many incidents where dogs have been killed in collisions. On the flipside I have also read stories where crates have saved a dog’s life, it was seeing these kinds of stories that influenced my decision and for me made having a crash tested crate a priority.

Follow Kelly and Murphy on their Murphy The Magnificent Instagram account.

mimsafe ambassador

crash tested dog crate

Shocking Customer Account: How a Variocage Withstood the Force of High Impact

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A very grateful customer recently contacted us to inform us that another of our variocages has withstood the force of a horrific accident and would have saved her dog’s life if he had been with her at the time.


Angyl Viton contacted us earlier this year:

crash tested dog crate“Early this morning I was involved in a car accident. I hit a patch of ice going 60mph on the interstate. I slid across 3 lanes of traffic hitting the guard rail head on, bouncing off, then spun across the same 3 lanes hitting a concrete divider. All my airbags deployed. I walked away with minor bumps and bruises (Thank you Jeep).”


Having read her story, we’re so relieved that Angyl was not injured, and that her American Bulldog, Rufus, was not with her. Angyl very gratefully let us know that, if he had been with her, his variocage would have kept him safe:

“My Variocage Is always tethered in my cargo area. Luckily my American Bulldog was not with me but if he had been he would’ve been COMPLETELY protected and contained. I bought this crate for this very reason. Peace of mind that my boy is always safe when traveling with me.”


The vehicle in which Angyl was travelling in, a 2018 Jeep Compass Latitude, was completely written off, demonstrating the severity of the impact. The Variocage large single crate, that was secured and fully extended in the vehicle at the time, can be seen in the image above (with Rufus inspecting!).

It’s clear to see in this photo the way in which our crates compress to a safe threshold, absorbing the full force of the impact whilst keeping the dogs safe. Emergency workers at the scene of the accident were impressed with the crate and commented that if Rufus had been present in his crate, amazingly, he would have escaped serious injury.

Crash Testing

We’re always shocked and sickened to hear about such awful accidents but also so pleased to hear from owners who are so grateful to us for the complex research that we carry out that enables us to design and build such safe dog crates. We run a comprehensive program of crash testing, studying road traffic accidents and working with many of the top car brands. Using this information, along with the expertise of our experienced design engineers, we design and build crates that will work alongside the deformation zones in different vehicles to withstand the many forces involved in a collision. We are the ONLY crate manufacturers that test our crates in situ in the vehicles themselves, giving us an accurate record of their true performance in the event of an impact.

crash tested dog crate and bulldogOur crash testing schedule thoroughly examines frontal, rear and side impacts, as well as the forces involved in a rollover. What’s more, we test the consequences of an impact on all the occupants of the vehicle, not just the dog. Our work focuses as much on the human passengers as their canine companions. A high degree of skill and innovation is applied to this level of design, build and testing and it’s why our crates aren’t cheap, but they are certainly the best and worth every penny in terms of your peace of mind.

Angyl confirmed this, commenting: “The Variocage is a well crafted, solid, safe travel crate. Rufus’ variocage took the impact (guardrail head-on at 60mph then a concrete divider) in my accident like it was built to do. I will have another one, it’ll just take some time. I have to buy a new car first Thank you for making such a great quality and safe travel crate.”

Thank you so much, Angyl, for getting in touch and for your kind permission to use your photos and your comments. We wish you all the best in your recovery from what must have been a very traumatic ordeal.

Care2 ambassadors

We’re Looking For Care2 Small Dog Ambassadors!

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Calling all very small dog breed owners and enthusiasts!

We’re looking for people who own or work with dogs that are of a similar size to the following breeds:

Care2 Ambassador• Yorkshire Terriers
• Pomeranians
• Papillons
• Toy Poodles
• Chihuahuas
• Brussels Griffon
• Japanese Chin
• Maltese
• Russian Toy Terriers
• Any other breeds or cross breeds of a similar size

Are you a dog training, grooming or dog day care professional? A licensed dog breeder or a successful dog sports enthusiast? Do you already sell dog-related products or manage a boarding kennel? Are you or your pet well-known social media influencers?

If so, then we have a great opportunity for you! We’re offering a select few very small dog owners across the UK an exciting yet easy way to top up their income and help us to promote safer travel for very small dog breeds by becoming a MIMSafe Care2 ambassador.

Care2 ambassadorsOur research suggests that owners of very small breeds are less likely to restrain their dogs while travelling. As pet travel safety experts, we know that this is extremely dangerous for the dogs as well as for their owners and other human travelling companions.

We need your help to demonstrate to owners of very small breeds that, in order to keep their dogs safe while travelling, they need to be restrained, preferably in a crash tested, secure crate.

Are you our ideal MIMsafe Care2 ambassador?

We’re looking for:

• Professionals in a range of dog-related professions
• Dog sports enthusiasts
• Breeders of very small dogs who are members of the KC assured breeder scheme
• Social media influencers with very small dogs with a significant following
• Someone who is passionate about improving the welfare of very small breeds

Your commitment

All we are asking is that our MIMsafe Care2 Ambassadors use one of our crash-tested, crush proof Care2 small dog crates whenever you travel with your dog – and recommend it to people you come into contact with, both in person and on social media.

There is no financial outlay required.
You will not be charged for use of the crate.

You just need to understand and explain to people that in a road traffic accident, a good quality, crash tested car crate can be the difference between the life and death of your pets and passengers.
Our Care2 crates are the only dog crates that have been fully crash tested to the same standards as child and baby seats, making the Care2 THE safest crate available for very small dogs. They can be fitted into the seat next to you using your vehicle’s seatbelts, the same way as baby seats are secured. They are portable, lightweight and offer a secure space for your pet to travel both in and out of the car.
All of our vet-recommended Care2 crates come fully assembled with a soft, nonslip mat and integrated temperature gauge.

What we offer you, as a MIMSafe Care2 Ambassador:

• A Care2 crate of your choice to use for promotion, keeping you, your passengers, and your dog(s) safe, completely free of charge, for the first 6 months.
• The option to buy your crate at a significantly discounted price after 6 months.
• Commission for every item sold—we know that once people have seen one of our crates being used first-hand, they’re very likely to buy one.
• Don’t delay! This opportunity is only available for the next couple of months, so if you’re interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, get in touch today!

What do I need to do to apply to become a MIMsafe Care2 Ambassador?

Send us an email or message telling us a little about yourselves and stating why you’d like to work with us on the Care 2 campaign.

Whilst not compulsory it would also be appreciated if you:
1. Helped spread the word by sharing this opportunity to your social media story/feed.
2. Tag on social media any fellow small/toy breed owners you think may be interested.

Email us on [email protected] or call 01256 674547.
To stay posted for updates, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Meet the traffic safety expert behind MIMsafe’s international reputation for safety.

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Associate Professor Johan Davidsson of Sweden’s Chalmers University of Technology has
been appointed member of the MIMsafe’s Board of Directors. Johan has, for over a decade,
helped the company evaluate MIMsafe dog cages and the company’s MIMclip.

MIMclip, a system designed to minimise the risk of injury in field competitions, is the only safety system
for this tough sport approved by the International Equestrian Federation. The new
appointment will enable Johan Davidsson to apply more of his considerable expertise in
product safety and testing matters to further improving MIMsafe’s products.

MIMSafe, Leaders in Excellence, Committed to Keeping Everyone Safe

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You may have heard that MimSafe is a leader in the animal safety world and wondered what this really means. Leading sales figures? The biggest premises? The widest distribution network?

MIMSafe is a leader in excellence.  And we’re a company that’s not just concerned with animal safety, but with the safety of animal owners too. Human safety is a consideration in every pet safety product they design.

MIMafe, leaders in excellence

MiMSafe is a pioneer

There are many companies around the world that make car crates for pets. But no other company has the same approach to this task, or the vast experience of MIMSafe.
For over 30 years, we’ve worked in close collaboration with major car manufacturers from around the world, gathering the knowledge and experience we need to perfect the design, function and manufacture of animal safety products for the automotive industry.
The design team study the results of hundreds of crash tests to refine their blueprints. When their designs are turned into models, those models are exhaustively crash-tested to ensure they meet the high standards MIMSafe insist on for their car crates.
MIMSafe is the only company that crash tests its crates to the same standards as those used for the safety certification of child car seats, meaning that users can be reassured their pet is as secure as possible. MIMSafe’s high standards also ensure that drivers and passengers are kept as safe as possible too. Once an animal is placed in a MIMSafe crate, they can’t disrupt driving or distract the driver’s attention away from the road—and in the event of an accident, they are held securely in their super-safe crate; there’s no danger of them being thrown forward at high velocity to cause injury to human passengers, or escaping the car and putting other road users at risk.

MiMSafe is an innovator

MIMSafe isn’t just working hard to make the best pet safety products—we’re also striving to make unique and innovative products, such as the ground-breaking MIMmSafe NewEra MIMClip.

MIMClip on a fence

The MIMSafe NewEra Clip and Pin were the first cross-country jump safety fixings to pass the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)’s new approvals scheme for frangible devices in the discipline of Eventing.
These pioneering fixings have been created to protect both horses and riders from the dangers of rotational falls when participating in cross-country jumping. They are designed to instantly break if the horse hits the fence, whether the fence is stuck vertically or horizontally, dropping the fence instantaneously.
MIMClips are available for all kinds of fence and they have an indicator to show when they require replacing. The fence judges can easily replace the clips in just 30 seconds.
The MIMClip not only contributes to the overall safety of the sport for both horses and riders but also guarantees fair and correct judging for riders.

Taking Care of Your Animals—And You

If you’re looking for a company that has the interests of you and your animals at heart, look no further. You can rely on MIMSafe to carry on innovating and striving for perfection, producing products you can rely on to keep you and your animals safe.

dog crates

Christmas Giveaway!

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As part of our drive to promote responsible dog ownership and safe animal transportation,

we are giving away to one lucky winner:


Any VarioCage of Your Choice

Dog crates

The Safest, Most Secure Crate For Your Dog & Your Family

Crash tested to same standards as baby seats

Works with your vehicle's crumple zone to protect you & your passengers

Secure inbuilt locking mechanism with key

Don’t miss out on updates to find out out more about when & how to enter….

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Protect your dog

Protecting your dog from rising dog theft as puppy prices soar

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Protect your dog

Lockdown Isolation

With lockdown leaving many people isolated, the demand for canine companionship is at an all-time high. Following a huge surge in puppy purchases as households spend more time secluded at home, breeders have steadily been increasing their prices since March to match demand, with sought after breeds seeing an increase in price of up to 184% compared to last year.

According to the BBC, figures from the Pets4Homes website that were based on about 150,000 adverts, showed the average price for a puppy from March to September was £1,883 compared to the same period last year where the average price was £888.

Rising prices of puppies

Shocking Increase In Dog Theft

Criminals have been exploiting the higher value of puppies following the lockdown demand, resulting in a worrying increase of dog theft across the country.  Although breeding mums and puppies are mainly being targeted, other dogs are also at risk.  Dr Daniel Allen, an animal expert from Keele University stated that, “As well as breeding mums, working dogs, such as sheep dogs and shooting dogs also attract a high value – they are a ready-made, sellable product.”

The BBC reported that there was a significant spike in dog theft particularly across Northumbria, Devon and Cornwall and Leicestershire – compared to the same period in the previous year, with five police forces claiming they had more reports between January and July 2020 than the whole of the previous year.

Dog theftMany owners across these regions have had their dogs stolen from their gardens or even from inside their vehicles whilst travelling with their pets. With a greater investment needed to purchase a puppy and a greater risk of dog theft, taking necessary protection precautions when travelling with your pet has never been more important.

Built-in Locking Mechanism

MIMSafe crates are a great way to ensure the safety of your dog whilst travelling. All MIMSafe Variocage crates have a robust built-in locking system, an essential feature to deter dog theft from vehicles. They also provide extra protection in the event of a road traffic accident; the entire range of crates are individually crash tested and ensure your dog remains completely secure in the event of an accident. This in turn offers safety not only for your dog but the rest of your family as a nonsecure dog can cause great risk during a collision; a 2kg dog can hit a passenger with a force of 260kg in a collision at 56mph.

With a variety of crates to suit different animals and vehicles, we offer an option for everyone. Invest in the protection of your dogs and your family by looking at our range of tested and trustworthy Variocages.

For more details, please visit our shop.