What Does “Crash Tested” actually mean?

By 30th August 2022 No Comments

crash testing dog cratesMost people searching for a dog crate will be aware that many organisations claim that their crates are crash tested. However, shockingly, our industry is completely unregulated and any organisation can claim that their dog transport products have been crash tested without being required to demonstrate any adequate proof that this is the case. Some organisations may crash test their products very minimally, only measuring impact from one direction. Most only carry out computer-simulated crash testing, meaning that their dog transportation products are never tested in a real-life crash situation until it happens to the customer and their dog with devastating results. Even worse, any company can claim that their products are crash tested when they may have failed the crash tests.

In 1986 in Sweden, a country well-known for the high value it places on health and safety, MIMsafe set out to create a dog crate that would withstand the impact of a collision, keeping humans and dogs safe. The founding engineers had backgrounds in working with some of the best-known car brands on vehicle safety features. They became aware of the number of road traffic accidents that resulted in severe injuries to rear seat passengers caused by solid, inflexible items in vehicle boots behind the back seats, many caused by dog crates. They set out to create a dog crate that worked alongside a vehicle’s deformation zone rather than against it, protecting passengers as well as their pets.

The VarioCage is a unique, innovatively engineered product that meets this criteria. Extensive research, working alongside car manufacturers, looking at crash records, and observing how vehicles behave in an accident, has gone into the design of these crates. And our crash testing process is far superior to any other dog crate manufacturer on the planet. We measure impact from front, rear, sides, and during a rollover, with the crate actually in situ in the vehicle to ensure that not only the dogs but the humans in the car are kept safe as well.

Here is one of our crash test videos showing rear impact:

Even though this process is costly, and the materials we use to ensure that we meet our safety criteria can be costly, it’s an investment we’ve made to ensure that we are able to honestly say that our products are as safe as we can make them. It means that our crates are on the more expensive end of the scale but are certainly competitive compared to other products that claim to be crash tested.

In a nutshell, all of this means that MIMsafe VarioCages are the safest crates WORLDWIDE and are the established leading brand in many countries. Although relatively new to the UK, they are rapidly gaining in popularity, with more and more people wanting the level of protection and peace of mind that a MIMsafe VarioCage gives them.

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