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VarioBarrier prevents dogs or loose items from entering the passenger area of the car in the case of a sudden or abrupt stop. To create a fully safe and secure area in the boot of your car please also purchase the VarioGate.

For the VarioBarrier small, medium, and large models, your car needs to be equipped with load anchors and have a flat floor to place the MIM Safe VarioBarrier, if your car is not equipped with these please chose option HR(s) or HR(m).

To ensure this model fits your car please check the Model Finder HERE>>

If you wish to make your whole boot into a secure cage please purchase the VarioGate.

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The MIMSafe VarioBarrier dog guard designed to provide protection for passengers and animals in the event of an accident.  The dog guard prevents luggage or dogs from being propelled forward into the passenger area of the vehicle, protecting passengers from the full force of this load and protecting the dogs from being injured by being propelled forwards and hitting seats, passengers or even being thrown through the windscreen.   

All MIMsafe VarioBarriers have been crash tested*. In the case of an accident the VarioBarrier will compress in a controlled way along the vehicle crumple zone, protecting both passengers and pets from an increase of injury.

The VarioBarrier dog guard is available in two different models.  The VarioBarrier small, medium or large is built for vehicles that have load anchors and a flat floor on which to position the base of the guard.  For smaller vehicles without load anchors and a flat floor, the VarioBarrier HR is the most suitable option.

The VarioBarrier dog guard works extremely well in conjunction with the VarioGate tailgate guard to provide a secure area for your dog or dogs, giving them the full space of the boot area of your vehicle.  If you have more than one dog or wish to use part of the boot for luggage, then the VarioDivider can be fitted to divide the boot space up into sections.  This system is very popular with dog sports enthusiasts such as agility, obedience, rally and flyball.

To protect your bumper from mud and scratches, and to protect your dog from catching his paws in the mechanics of the car door, the MIMSafe bumper cover is a good option, available in two sizes to fit your vehicle.

*MIMsafe Variocage. Crash tested at SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden in Borås with the test method SPCT, Safe Pet Crate Test.

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