We’re Looking For Care2 Small Dog Ambassadors!

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Calling all very small dog breed owners and enthusiasts!

We’re looking for people who own or work with dogs that are of a similar size to the following breeds:

Care2 Ambassador• Yorkshire Terriers
• Pomeranians
• Papillons
• Toy Poodles
• Chihuahuas
• Brussels Griffon
• Japanese Chin
• Maltese
• Russian Toy Terriers
• Any other breeds or cross breeds of a similar size

Are you a dog training, grooming or dog day care professional? A licensed dog breeder or a successful dog sports enthusiast? Do you already sell dog-related products or manage a boarding kennel? Are you or your pet well-known social media influencers?

If so, then we have a great opportunity for you! We’re offering a select few very small dog owners across the UK an exciting yet easy way to top up their income and help us to promote safer travel for very small dog breeds by becoming a MIMSafe Care2 ambassador.

Care2 ambassadorsOur research suggests that owners of very small breeds are less likely to restrain their dogs while travelling. As pet travel safety experts, we know that this is extremely dangerous for the dogs as well as for their owners and other human travelling companions.

We need your help to demonstrate to owners of very small breeds that, in order to keep their dogs safe while travelling, they need to be restrained, preferably in a crash tested, secure crate.

Are you our ideal MIMsafe Care2 ambassador?

We’re looking for:

• Professionals in a range of dog-related professions
• Dog sports enthusiasts
• Breeders of very small dogs who are members of the KC assured breeder scheme
• Social media influencers with very small dogs with a significant following
• Someone who is passionate about improving the welfare of very small breeds

Your commitment

All we are asking is that our MIMsafe Care2 Ambassadors use one of our crash-tested, crush proof Care2 small dog crates whenever you travel with your dog – and recommend it to people you come into contact with, both in person and on social media.

There is no financial outlay required.
You will not be charged for use of the crate.

You just need to understand and explain to people that in a road traffic accident, a good quality, crash tested car crate can be the difference between the life and death of your pets and passengers.
Our Care2 crates are the only dog crates that have been fully crash tested to the same standards as child and baby seats, making the Care2 THE safest crate available for very small dogs. They can be fitted into the seat next to you using your vehicle’s seatbelts, the same way as baby seats are secured. They are portable, lightweight and offer a secure space for your pet to travel both in and out of the car.
All of our vet-recommended Care2 crates come fully assembled with a soft, nonslip mat and integrated temperature gauge.

What we offer you, as a MIMSafe Care2 Ambassador:

• A Care2 crate of your choice to use for promotion, keeping you, your passengers, and your dog(s) safe, completely free of charge, for the first 6 months.
• The option to buy your crate at a significantly discounted price after 6 months.
• Commission for every item sold—we know that once people have seen one of our crates being used first-hand, they’re very likely to buy one.
• Don’t delay! This opportunity is only available for the next couple of months, so if you’re interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, get in touch today!

What do I need to do to apply to become a MIMsafe Care2 Ambassador?

Send us an email or message telling us a little about yourselves and stating why you’d like to work with us on the Care 2 campaign.

Whilst not compulsory it would also be appreciated if you:
1. Helped spread the word by sharing this opportunity to your social media story/feed.
2. Tag on social media any fellow small/toy breed owners you think may be interested.

Email us on [email protected] or call 01256 674547.
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