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We’re at Dogfest this weekend at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire

By 23rd June 2022 No Comments

This coming weekend (25th and 26th June), we have a stand at Dogfest in Leicestershire at the beautiful Belvoir Castle!  It’s a fantastic location and will be a brilliant day out – we’re really looking forward to meeting everyone!  To anyone thinking of attending, we have a 20% discount code especially for MIMsafe customers and those interested in seeing our products!  You can use this code on the Dogfest website:

Use code DFSHOPPING20 to get 20% off your tickets!

If you live in Leicestershire or the surrounding area, this is your chance to come and see our products in person and ask any questions that you may have, as well as to have a great day out in a fantastic location with your dog(s)!

Two important reasons why you should use MIMsafe crash tested dog crates

Our crates are the ONLY dog crates available worldwide that are equipped with a telescopic flexibility that absorbs the forces caused by an impact, protecting dogs and passengers in the event of an accident. Other crate brands don’t have this flexibility and may shatter or fall apart in an RTA. This is why our crates are the safest available and are so popular across the globe.

In addition to this, we’re the ONLY company worldwide that crash tests our crates in situ in the vehicle. This is important because anything in your vehicle needs to work in conjunction with the safety mechanisms within the vehicle itself. There is no point in having a crate that protects the dog in crash tests on its own but doesn’t take into account any of the forces or physical apparatus that are present during an impact. Dog travel crates need to work in tandem with your vehicle’s crumple zone to ensure that every member of your family, canine and human, are kept safe.

Our only focus is to produce products that protect you and we continually test, innovate and improve to ensure that this is what we do.
Our dog travel cages undergo rigorous crash tests at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The tests are adapted to the cage size and load without sacrificing its energy-absorbing characteristics if a collision were to occur. The robust, innovative construction ensures that our crates can withstand massive impact from all directions – we call it Safety 360°.

Read more about our safety design and crash testing on our Safety Design page

We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend!