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The VarioGate crash tested tailgate guard – our most popular product!

By 18th May 2022 No Comments

crash tested tailgate guardCurrently our most popular item and in constant demand, our tailgate guard is the ONLY crash tested tailgate guard currently available.  The guards are comprehensively crash tested to ensure that your dogs and your family will be protected during a rear impact.

Our customers find the VarioGate tailgate guard a great option when:

  • They need more room for dogs than one of our crate can offer
  • They need the whole boot space for other items when the dog is not present
  • They are unable to find a crash tested crate that will fit their vehicle
  • They want an option that is flexible enough to be moved from vehicle to vehicle

The VarioGate is adjustable in width, height, and depth, ensuring that it will fit in most vehicles.  The doors are one-hand quick release, meaning that you can easily open and shut them while holding the dog with one hand.  Even better, due to the gas spring opening function, the doors will stay open while you load or train the dog, unlike other tailgate guards, on which the doors swing shut.  The doors also have a two-step locking system, just like most car doors, to ensure that the doors stay shut and don’t fly open in the event of an accident.

Your vehicle can be left open if you are nearby to give your dog air, and the gate can be securely locked, with a robust fitted lock and key.  Additionally, the gate has lead hooks, on which to hang leads, toys, and other items, keeping them easily to hand when you arrive at your destination.

The gates are best used alongside our crash tested VarioBarrier dog guard and divider if you have two animals that you would like to transport separately.

You can see more about how to choose and fit our crash tested tailgate guard in this video: