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Testimonials From Grateful Customers – Road Traffic Accident Survivors

By 17th October 2022 No Comments

Thankfully, serious road accidents are relatively rare, but we are sometimes contacted by grateful customers who have lived through the horror of a car accident and want to thank us for saving the lives of their beloved pets.

Here are just a few – click on the links to read their full story.

Nadja Andersson & GSDs Troja & Tara

“I can only say that my decision to purchase a dog cage from MIMSafe saved my dogs’ lives”.
“I think it’s terrifying that so many dog owners do not understand the importance of using a crash tested, safe dog crate. MIMSafe’s crash tests are based on how a crash happens in real life and they are the only ones I trust.”

Nadja Andersson
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Tomas, his son Jonathan, and dog Assi

“Some people complain about the cost of a properly crash tested, crush proof car crate from MIMSafe but if you have been involved in something that I have experienced , you understand that the value of a MIMSafe crate is totally worth the spend. I mean , quality costs. All the research and development that MIMSafe have put in over the years is worth investing in.”

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Hanna & German Shorthaired Pointer, Hera

"I am so grateful we chose MIMsafe's VarioCage model. We made the choice because of its ability to withstand impact from all directions and this is exactly what happened when the car flipped. Once again, we are extremely grateful.”

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Laura & dachshunds, Murph & Morticia

“Without doubt the MIMsafe crate saved my dogs’ lives. They would not be here today if it wasn’t for the crate! I try not to think about what could have happened if they were not in the crate. Everyone at the scene commented that we were all incredibly lucky to walk away from the crash without injury.”

Laura Oldbury-Churchwood
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Lauren & Avila

"Lauren fell asleep at the wheel doing over 70 mph and rolled her car 4 times. Although she had severe injuries including a bruised lung, lacerations to her head & hand and limited ability to move her neck/head, Avila, her dog, did not have a single scratch on her.
"I fully believe that the vario cage not only saved our dogs life but I truly believe it helped keep the back end of the car intact enough so that the entire car wasn’t flattened during the rolls thus saving Lauren’s life as well".

Karis Lyn Roseknow
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Angyl & Rufus

“My Variocage Is always tethered in my cargo area. Luckily my American Bulldog was not with me but if he had been he would’ve been COMPLETELY protected and contained. I bought this crate for this very reason. Peace of mind that my boy is always safe when traveling with me.
The Variocage is a well crafted, solid, safe travel crate. Rufus’ variocage took the impact (guardrail head-on at 60mph then a concrete divider) in my accident like it was built to do.

Angyl Viton
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