Protecting your dog from rising dog theft as puppy prices soar

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Protect your dog

Lockdown Isolation

With lockdown leaving many people isolated, the demand for canine companionship is at an all-time high. Following a huge surge in puppy purchases as households spend more time secluded at home, breeders have steadily been increasing their prices since March to match demand, with sought after breeds seeing an increase in price of up to 184% compared to last year.

According to the BBC, figures from the Pets4Homes website that were based on about 150,000 adverts, showed the average price for a puppy from March to September was £1,883 compared to the same period last year where the average price was £888.

Rising prices of puppies

Shocking Increase In Dog Theft

Criminals have been exploiting the higher value of puppies following the lockdown demand, resulting in a worrying increase of dog theft across the country.  Although breeding mums and puppies are mainly being targeted, other dogs are also at risk.  Dr Daniel Allen, an animal expert from Keele University stated that, “As well as breeding mums, working dogs, such as sheep dogs and shooting dogs also attract a high value – they are a ready-made, sellable product.”

The BBC reported that there was a significant spike in dog theft particularly across Northumbria, Devon and Cornwall and Leicestershire – compared to the same period in the previous year, with five police forces claiming they had more reports between January and July 2020 than the whole of the previous year.

Dog theftMany owners across these regions have had their dogs stolen from their gardens or even from inside their vehicles whilst travelling with their pets. With a greater investment needed to purchase a puppy and a greater risk of dog theft, taking necessary protection precautions when travelling with your pet has never been more important.

Built-in Locking Mechanism

MIMSafe crates are a great way to ensure the safety of your dog whilst travelling. All MIMSafe Variocage crates have a robust built-in locking system, an essential feature to deter dog theft from vehicles. They also provide extra protection in the event of a road traffic accident; the entire range of crates are individually crash tested and ensure your dog remains completely secure in the event of an accident. This in turn offers safety not only for your dog but the rest of your family as a nonsecure dog can cause great risk during a collision; a 2kg dog can hit a passenger with a force of 260kg in a collision at 56mph.

With a variety of crates to suit different animals and vehicles, we offer an option for everyone. Invest in the protection of your dogs and your family by looking at our range of tested and trustworthy Variocages.

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