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Our Dog Car Boot Cages – How Do They Protect?

By 16th September 2020 October 1st, 2020 No Comments

VarioCage Single XL

Our very strong, crash tested and crush proof dog car boot cages are recognised as the safest crates available for dog transportation. This is because they are the only dog crates that are fully crash tested to the same standards as baby and child seats. They fit securely into the boot of your car and are designed to keep your pet safe while also protecting passengers and the driver.

Our crates are built to absorb the energy created in a collision. This ensures that the dog is fully protected in a safe space inside the crate, but also that the crate absorbs energy and is not pushed forward into the rear passenger seat, causing injury to passengers.

Only in the Car Boot

We are often asked why dog car boot cages can not be used elsewhere in the vehicle. We always recommend that the Variocages are only used in the car boot. The back seat in vehicles is built to form a very effective barrier between the luggage compartment and the passengers in the car, protecting them from an impact in the event of an accident. Our primary aim is to keep passengers and their animals safe, so we build our VarioCages to make use of, and work in conjunction with, this barrier.

In an Impact

VarioCages, our dog car boot cages, are fully adjustable in length so the dog will be able to make use of the maximum space available in the luggage area. This also means that the crate can be pushed together, so that when a vehicle is hit from behind, the crate is compressed during the impact. The dog is safe because, in an impact, the animal is already pushed towards the front or back of the crate due to the force of the impact, so the crate compressing slightly will not injure the animal. The dynamics that are created in an accident ensure that this is a safe way of protecting our dogs. We have seen in many real life accidents that our crates compress safely with very little injury to dogs other than bruising. You can see some examples of how our dog cages stand up in the event of an accident in our blog.

Care2 Crate

The only exception is the Care2 crate for very small dogs. These crates are built for very small breeds such as papillons, yorkies, chihuahuas, pomeranians etc, and are designed to be held in place by the car seat belts, in the same way as a baby seat. This keeps them secure in the event of an accident and will not leave passengers vulnerable to injury. Any dog not properly restrained in a vehicle has the potential to become a lethal missile during an impact. A very small dog weighing only 2kg could hit passengers with a force of 260kg during an accident. That’s the same as 40 bowling balls!

Visit our shop to find out more about our dog cages for car boots and our Care2 dog crates.