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Heavy Duty Dog Crates

By 10th November 2020 No Comments

Heavy duty dog crates; heavy duty in more ways than one.

Heavy dut dog crates

1. The safest crate in a road traffic accident

Our crates are crush proof and are the only crates to be crash tested to the same standards as baby seats. They are thought to be the safest on the market due to the unique diligence of crash tests that we carry out.
We’ve examined the data from hundreds of accidents and we’ve conducted countless crash tests to replicate collision conditions in order to design and fully test our crates. You can read more about how our crates protect dogs and humans in the event of an accident in the following articles:
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2. Withstands destruction from dogs

We have never had a dog destroy any of our dog crates or cages, ever. They are built using high quality stainless steel, which is the safest material to use due to the slight give and flexibility it exhibits during an impact. This helps to keep your whole family safe: dogs and your other passengers.
Dogs are unable to chew through or damage any of the elements that are crates are built from.

3. Escape proof

Our crates are extremely well built in order to withstand any impact. Your dog could try as hard as he likes but he will not succeed in forcing his way out of one of our heavy duty dog crates.
The one-hand quick release mechanisms can not be accessed by your dog from inside of the crate and the door has a built-in locking mechanism with key.

4. Strong enough to withstand whatever you do to it

Whether you have the crate in the boot of your vehicle alongside heavy tools, frequently transfer it from one vehicle to another, drop it or use it constantly, with big muddy dogs every day, our heavy duty dog crates will withstand whatever you throw at them (literally!)!
They are strong, durable and fully washable so you’ll be able to keep them clean and looking as good as new. What’s more, our durable nylon bumper cover (https://mimsafeuk.com/product/mimsafe-bumper-cover/), also available in our shop, will protect your bumper and the back of your vehicle from wet, muddy dogs jumping in and out after walks.

To find out more about our VarioCages and other products, please visit our shop.