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Gundog Owners – Unique Opportunity To Top Up Your Income

By 24th September 2021 September 28th, 2021 No Comments

Be a gundog ambassador

Are you a gundog trainer, trials competitor or breeder? Or a well-respected member of your local shoot? If so, then we have a great opportunity for you! We’re offering people across the UK the unique & exciting chance to top up their income by becoming a MIMSafe ambassador.

As a MIMSafe ambassador, all you need to do is to have one of our crash tested dog crates fitted into your vehicle free of charge and recommend it to people you come into contact with. You will earn commission for every item sold. There’s NO upfront fee of any kind and NO CHARGE for use of the crate. You don’t have to be a salesperson or a marketing expert. You just need to believe in the safety, quality and design of our products and understand that a good quality car crate can make the difference between the life and death of your dogs and passengers in the event of a road traffic accident.

We know that once people have seen one of our car crash tested crates being used first-hand, they are very likely to buy one. So, we’re enlisting the help of our new ambassadors to help spread the word across the UK.

Being a MIMSafe ambassador means you will:

  • Receive a MIMSafe dog crate of your choice, keeping you, your passengers and your dog(s) safe, completely free of charge, for the first 6 months.
  • Have the option to buy your crate at a significantly discounted price after 6 months.
  • Earn commission for every item sold.
  • Have access to our online portal full of images and videos of the different products to use on social media, your website or anywhere else you wish to use them.
  • Be given access to brochures, point of sale and other marketing resources.

Help us improve travel safety

Studies have found that in general across the UK, many people are not aware of the importance of properly restraining their pet while travelling. Driving with an unrestrained dog in the vehicle is against the law and could invalidate motor insurance policies. However, it’s the horrific details of what can happen to dogs and passengers in the event of a collision that people often won’t have considered.

We need you to help us improve the safety of pets and people across the UK. Most cages and harnesses on the market will only restrain pets, not protect them from an impact. Dogs that do survive an impact are often thrown from vehicles, either into the path of oncoming traffic, or to run, terrified, from the scene. And even a small dog weighing only 2kg can hit passengers with a force of up to 260kg in a car collision of 56mph. That’s the equivalent of 40 bowling balls…

Crash tested and crush proof

All our car crates are the only dog crates to be crash tested in situ in the vehicle, to ensure that they work in tandem with your vehicle’s crumple zone.  This makes MIMsafe crates THE safest way to transport your beloved dogs and keep yourself and your family safe. In addition to being fully crash tested and crush proof, they have many extra convenient features that will make taking your dogs out even more of a pleasure!

But, we’re searching for our gundog ambassadors for the next couple of months only, so if you are interested in becoming one of our ambassadors, please don’t delay in getting in touch.

Email us on [email protected] or call 01256-688777