40% Off ALL Accessories When Purchasing A VarioCage

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MIMSafe Accessories Offer

Coupon Code: Accessory40

If you’ve been considering buying a VarioCage to protect your family, dogs as well as humans, then now is the time to go ahead.  We’re offering 40% off ALL accessories if they are purchased at the same time as purchasing any of our VarioCages.  Our accessories are stylish and durable and are the ideal accompaniment to the crates.  They will protect your vehicle and will make life easier for you and more pleasant for your dog!

The accessories we have available include:

  1. Our signature MIMSafe Bumper Cover, which can be used either as a bumper cover to protect the back of your vehicle from muddy paws or as a shade to protect your dogs from the sun
  2. The ingenious Airing Hook, which can be inserted between the two catches on your boot to securely hold your tailgate slightly open, allowing air to freely circulate in the vehicle without compromising your dog’s safety and security.
  3. Our high quality, Stainless Steel Water Bowl, which attaches securely to any VarioCage and holds 0.7 litres of water.  It has a spill-proof design and measures 15cm x 15cm.
  4. The Corner Water Bowl, constructed in materials that match the VarioCage, designed to fit perfectly into the corner of any VarioCage or Care2 carrier.  It also has a splash-proof design, will hold 0.7 litres and is dishwasher safe.
  5. The VarioPad, a quilted dog bed designed to fit any VarioCage model.  The VarioPad is high density, soft and durable, designed for maximum comfort for your dog.  It is easy to fold with durable seams and constructed from a tough materials that will withstand constant wear and tear.  If it does get covered in mud, then it is machine washable.  Many of our customers purchase two so that one is always clean with one in the wash, keeping your car smelling clean!
  6. Our stylish Leash Hooks are designed to install easily onto any VarioCage and help to keep your boot tidy and organised.  Ideal for holding leads, harness, headcollars and toys – no more hunting around in the boot!

To obtain your 40% off, just add the accessories you would like, along with your choice of VarioCage to your basket and add coupon code Accessory40 into the coupon box.  Please note that they will need to be purchased at the same time as the VarioCage to obtain the discount.

Invest in their safety – one less thing to worry about!

Visit our shop to see our full range of accessories and crash-tested, safe VarioCages.